Container Gardening For Those On A Budget

Container Gardening For Those On A Budget

Like any other hobby, container gardening can be as cheap or expensive as you want it to be and during times of financial hardships could be a good alternative for those on a budget. For those who like to get their hands dirty but don’t want to spend a fortune, container gardening is the best option.

Container gardening can be enjoyed by everyone no matter how old you are, no matter how much you know about gardening or whether or not you have a garden or just a window box to cultivate.

This sort of gardening has become a very fashionable American hobby, for some even a passion. As they are not only easy to manage but also they create excitement in your garden decor. They can also create a natural sanctuary in a busy city street, along rooftops or on balconies.

With just a few container gardening tips you can have great success both enjoying a most pleasurable pastime and reaping great rewards with little effort.

The main focus of any container gardening at first is choosing the type of container to use. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and practically anything can be used including, tubs, buckets, old sinks, shoes, and even barrels cut in half.

When beginning to plant up garden containers and gardening pots make sure your soil is perfect for the plants you choose to grow. Remember to use a soil based compost when planting into containers and to keep your containers from accumulating moisture in the bottom, drill at least one hole. Once the container is set up, maintenance is the next important step in container gardening. Remember that a box garden, or container garden, may need more water than a garden, as they can dry out very quickly especially in direct sunlight or on hot days.

Container gardening makes it possible to position your plants in areas where they can receive the best possible growing conditions. Again check what sort of conditions your plants like the most; some prefer shade whereas other thrive in direct sunlight.

There are so many different plants suitable for container gardening that I would need a complete book to name them all. But herb growing is a favourite amongst container gardeners as it not only provides an attractive display but also delicious food to eat. Smaller containers are ideal for cultivating herb container gardens. Some suggests for your container herb garden are

Chives – Like moist, rich soil and plenty of sun
Basil – Likes moist soil and grows quickly and easily in warm soil.
Thyme – Likes warm and fairly dry soil.
Mint – Likes moist soil and shade.

You could use a very big container for a several different herbs or choose individual pots to plant herbs separately.

Some strawberry varieties can also be grown inside and if planted in a pot with small holes evenly distributed over the pot, can make a dramatic container gardening flower visual. If you are growing strawberries inside remember that your containers will need a reservoir tray, as they like to be well watered.

Container gardens can also be given as great and inexpensive gifts to family and friends. Decorate your own container and grow them some herbs or plant a few vegetables for them. It not only makes an inexpensive gift but is a rather novel idea, one which will surprise and delight your friends. You could even make up a small attractive basket or box of gardening items, such as gardening gloves, kneepads or even a shady hat, all available from dollar and pound shops.

Container gardening is a very versatile, fun, easy way to get into gardening and growing your own food, especially for those on a budget.

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