Enhance Your Garden With a Wall Fountain

Enhance Your Garden With a Wall Fountain

The elegance of a wall fountain will certainly increase the tranquil atmosphere of your garden as well as increase the retail value of your property. Such an addition is not new in the outdoor setting as it was often the source of water for the household in ancient times. This fountain brings the sight and sound of falling water to your outdoor living space increasing the enjoyment you will have just sitting there taking in the natural setting you have created.

Although they have a different appearance than most fountains, wall fountains (http://www.garden-fountains.com) operate in basically the same way. There is a basin that serves as the pool into which the water falls from the fountainhead. Pipes or tubing take this water through a pump, hidden inside the fountain, from the pool back up to the top in a continuous motion. The water can fall in a wall of water, spray from the head or even replicate waterfalls by pouring over several shelves or ledges on its way to the pool.

You can have the water in a wall fountain coming from the mouth of an animal or a mythical creature or even pouring from a watering can or teapot. There are numerous designs to choose from and they are easy to install. You simply hang the fountain on a garden fence or attach it to a wall. You can even have this water feature on your patio if it is large enough. The trick to the installation is to make sure that the water pipes are hidden behind the feature over which you have the water pouring.

There are ready made water wall fountains available for purchase in home improvement and garden stores both online and off. You can also create your own wall fountain using any materials that you have on hand, such as a sheet of clear glass to create a wall of water or even a gnarled branch of driftwood on which you place different containers.

Whatever the design of the wall fountain, the components remain the same. You will need to have a basin in which you have a submersible pump, tubing from the pump to the fountain head or spout and some direction for the water to fall back into the basin. It is a challenging task to build a large wall water fountain, but it is possible if you have time and patience. You do have to look at the area in which you want to place the fountain so that you can landscape the area to complement the design of the fountain. Then it will look as if the fountain is a natural part of the garden.

When you search online you will see many examples of wall water fountains, maybe even the ideal outdoor wall fountain! (http://www.garden-fountains.com) This will give you ideas for creating your own unique designs that will have your visitors asking where you bought it or how you came up with the design. If you purchase a ready-made wall fountain, the package will contain all the directions and parts you need for assembling and hanging it in whatever part of your garden you decide is best. This is the simplest and easiest choice, but there is a wealth of information available online to help you build your own.

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