Growing Herbs In Pots

Growing Herbs In Pots

Growing herbs in pots is as enjoyable as it is economical. The ease with which herbs can be grown allows even the most discerning home chef the ability to utilize the freshness that only fresh herbs can deliver to a dish.

Herbs can be easily grown from starter plants that can be purchased at a garden center. Many herbs are also easy to start from seed making them an even more economical choice especially when compared to purchasing fresh herbs in the grocery store.

The requirement of growing herbs in pots will vary from outdoors to indoors. Much of the success will depend on where and when the herbs are grown. Spring, summer, fall and winter will each have their own set of challenges and advantages.

There are a few things that must be done in order to insure that the herb garden is successful and those are necessary whether the herbs in pots are grown indoors or outdoors or a combination of both. Specific plants require specific care so following instructions will be important in order to have herbs that will taste great and grow well.

Get Started With Your Own Herb Pot

To get started, there are some basic rules that can apply to every herb container. Watering is a big consideration when growing anything in pots. Plants will dry out much more quickly than plants being grown in the ground. The moisture level must be checked frequently in order to maintain proper moisture so that they do not wilt or get stressed from lack of water.

Regular harvesting and pruning of most herbs promotes vigorous growth. Many herbs continue to grow larger if they are harvested and pruned correctly. By growing herbs in pots it is easy to see when they are looking overgrown for the space that they are being grown in. This is helpful in controlling the size of the plants.

Generally speaking for a single plant, a 10 inch pot with good draining soil will yield a decent harvest of the most common herbs used in every day cooking. Use larger pots if planting more than one plant or a variety of plants in one container. Be sure to also choose plants with similar light and moisture requirements if grouping more than one plant per pot. The instructions will be clear on the plants that are purchased or the seed packages if choosing to start herbs from seed.

Following guidelines for each plant will bring about a successful harvest. By growing herbs in pots, anybody can have a fresh garden in any season and in any location.

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