My 2008 Vegetable Container Garden – PART 5

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Week 6 update. The mixture that I used in the pots outside so far have been: 1 Part Compost 1 Part Peet Moss 1 Part Perlite 1 Part Potting Soil I may change it up a bit in the future to 40% peet moss, 40% compost and 20% perlite. Music: “Everyday” by The Dave Matthews Band

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11 Responses to “My 2008 Vegetable Container Garden – PART 5”

  1. gwk4657 says:

    Great vidio

  2. bowler8 says:

    what type of grow light is that?

  3. pattio666 says:

    Gorgeous! Very inspiring. I’m on my way!

  4. Thood618 says:

    wow good job mate!
    love seeing your hard work pay off! continue the good work!

  5. mokes1witmi says:

    Love and dedication. You’re doing so good. That’s why you’re seedlings are loving life.

  6. alingkaria says:

    it is nice to have idea how they look like when they’re seedlings. thanks for this informative video.

  7. greentxmama says:

    Thank you! I just moved all the seedlings outside a few days ago to harden them off and they’re doing great. I was ready to get them out of the house. Thanks for your comment and I hope your seedlings do well!

  8. Nibo77 says:

    Looking good! thanks for sharing this. I am in SA so i am comparing my veggie seedlings to your, yours are looking fabulous! I think I started mine later then you did. Can’t wait to see more.

  9. ibwhite says:

    Very nice! (And edited very well too!) Looks like your weather is about a month ahead of us. I’m hoping to see some 50 F weather in the next week so I can plant some onion bulbs. I won’t be able to put much else in the garden until at least April 15th. Thanks for sharing!


  10. theproducegarden says:

    looks great! keep up the vids!

  11. evilkate666 says:

    very nice….you are so ahead of me on plants….i guess i got a late start. but it seems like it has been so cold here….nice garden…love it. keep us posted.

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