Container Bog Garden

Container Bog Garden

Create Bog Garden in Container There are some lovely plants for growing in damp, boggy conditions, but if your soil is well drained and dries out quickly these bog plants will struggle to grow. My clay soil which is very wet in winter, dries out and cracks in summer so that isn’t suitable either. A simple way of growing bog plants is in a large container such as a half barrel that has no drainage holes in the base. The barrel when wet will seal and hold water very well keeping the compost moist at all times. What you may need to do if the barrel is completely water tight is drill a few small holes through the sides half way up the barrel to allow excess water to drain out slowly.

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  1. sempervivum44 says:

    Thanks – I want to put a Ligularia in too 🙂

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    Thanks for posting this.

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