Container Garden Potato Harvest

Container Garden Potato Harvest

After 2 1/2 months of the potato container garden experiment, the potato plant leaves were turning yellow, and I had lost a few of the plants. So I decided to harvest whatever was available. The experiment was using store-bought potatoes that were sprouting (rather than ‘seed’ potatoes, and more-or-less hands-off in the bucket (except for watering).
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6 Responses to “Container Garden Potato Harvest”

  1. rlal85 says:

    Nice harvest!

  2. BeautifulBaker says:

    I’m not an expert so I might be wrong but I read somewhere that they turn yellow when they’re ready. Flowers mean you can harvest them but waiting until they die means they’re really ready.

  3. ModernSurvivalBlog says:

    Yes, I was happy to discover that regular supermarket potatoes grew just fine. Next time I will take your advice and use more fertilizer.

  4. baconsoda says:

    You had the makings of a super haul there. All you need next year is more fertiliser and more time. The supermarket potatoes I grew in bags did better than the seed potatoes I bought. Next year I’m going to buy a few different varieties in the supermarket and take some from each for growing. Potatoes are greedy so need a robust medium. I use 50/50 farmyard manure and compost with half a handful of general fertiliser and a handful of chicken manure in each bag.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

  5. ModernSurvivalBlog says:

    @Cuttlebone1 Not bad for a mostly hands-off experiment in a bucket!

  6. Cuttlebone1 says:

    That was a nice harvest!

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