Container Gardening: Drainage Holes

Container Gardening: Drainage Holes

Patti the Garden Girl puts drainage holes into her galvanized steel containers.
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  1. kokonutbaby1 says:

    i used saved plastic milk jugs this past spring/summer for my squashes and cucumbers, put holes in the bottom and cut out the tops leaving the handles..worked well plus if its not doing well in one spot u can move to another and its just less plastic going to landfills.
    will take yrs for those steel buckets to rust completely up,..large plastic containers esp sterite go brittle from the sun in about 3 yrs & crack to pieces.

  2. lifeagainstwear says:

    Perhaps the initials (which is very beautiful) are too long and leaves no time to investigate the subject?
    We would like to have (outside) climbing perfumed flowers that grow quickly and last many months. Besides the roses, have you already planned to make a video with detailed explanations on how to make from start to end this job?
    love from Italy

  3. 500passwords says:

    cute girl with hand tools , gotta love that 🙂 5 stars

  4. dogpup23 says:

    good ways to do it, i think a drill would be better though : / and the bucket will slowly rust where you put the holes ._.

  5. 28bull says:

    Patti ,

    I have access to 25-35 gallon blue food grade chemical barrels.

    I drill drain hole in the bottoms and put about a 3 inch layer of sand in the bottom to pull off excess moisture yet it hold some so when the soil on top drys it pulls water from tme the sand.

    After my plants are about a foot higt in 6 inches of soil I add more seed potatoes. and soil I can get 5 layers in. Now my crops size varies, but it works great for me.
    Thank you for many good tips.

  6. TheDudeRulez09 says:

    Patti do you have any single sisters that aren’t afraid of gardening either? LOL

  7. zeroelliott4146 says:

    great video! 10 stars in my book!

  8. MadBadVoodo says:

    Five Stars!!

  9. infinidox says:

    Those buckets will rust out in those spots, as the galvinisation is only on the surface of the metal. The exposed bits in the holes will start to corrode.

  10. Sirmau says:

    Patti, as usual…nice vids. Where did ya buy that hammer? Seems it’s all rusted.

    Cheers lovely lady!!

  11. djsuperstar717 says:

    ive done the same thing before;
    instead of using metal buckets;
    i used old metal and plastic Coffee Cans;
    the big sized ones

  12. CAlex6977 says:

    A drill would be much more functional here in my opinion. About half the time and smooth holes instead of jagged hole bent in.

  13. xennelul says:

    Hey, you inspired me to start my hydroponic garden! Thanks!

  14. isedarah says:

    I want a GG t’shirt!

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