Container Gardening: Drip Irrigation

Container Gardening: Drip Irrigation

Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl, installs a drip irrigation system from in her container garden. Save, Water, Time and the Planet. SUBSCRIPE TO MY FREE MAGAZINE
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Master Urban Gardener, William Moss of CBS This Morning, shows you how to plant a container. Visit and for more information.

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  2. ziggieization says:


  3. paydirt1968 says:

    Hey gardengirl!Gave me some good ideas for drip irrigatin,thanks

  4. AlOlmstead says:

    This is a wonderful guide for people who are already rich enough to invest hundreds of dollars in special equipment so that they can get richer. Now, for the rest of us, use (1) a faucet-to-garden hose adapter, (2) an in-line filter, (3) 1/4-inch poly tubing and various connectors leading to 1/2 gallon-per-hour, pressure-equaling emitters. When they get clogged up, just throw them out and install new ones for pennies.

  5. lorrainekbr says:

    This is great! I have a patio that gets blasted by the sun and I was looking for some solutions to keeping everything from drying out. This looks pretty easy to do. I’m looking forward to getting it going for some vegetables this summer. Thanks for posting!

  6. GoldenEars69 says:

    Don’t forget to install a check valve (anti-reverse-flow vale) when using fertiliser injection. It could be unpleasant if the ferts were sucked back into the main household water system, as can happen in certain circumstances. It’s a legal requirement in some places.

  7. HisWordIs says:

    Your video production is awesome!

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  10. runetamers7 says:

    is that spagetti tubing? you might wanna have extra cuz i heard that spagetti tubes dont work too well. they get leaks easily and stuff. but the people who say that dont have patio gardens so it might work really well 4 you. anyway good luck!

  11. OpenComments says:

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  12. darkroomsferin says:

    You might think about editing the intro. Too long and unrelated visuals. Would also love to have that extra time to see the individual irrigation spigots at they are discussed and not just at the end. Thanks!

  13. gotalentguy says:

    This is really cool stuff, I’ve always wondered if there was a way that we could grow our own food is a fairly easy manner. You’ve got great ideas! Great recording!! Thanks!

  14. llenorapretty says:

    I heard my colleagues discussing about Container Garden and I want to do a research of my own of how to grow a tree in a pot 🙂 lol.

  15. casseyrolstonc says:

    Where are you located gardengirl? I’d like to come by and have a chit chat to know you more. I’m your big big fan.

  16. ccarmensaltful12 says:

    I like to watch William Moss! Cool Guy! Bring him here more 😀 <3

  17. mervinmontag says:

    Container Garden is receiving more attention now as we work in city, crowded, no place for garden. I have a favorite garden in my balcony 🙂

  18. JeramySchmeidler says:

    For each pot, for how long (days) should we change the soil or put in more enriched soil?

  19. ArmstrongCarp says:

    I also use the same Potting Soil 😛 Nice video, it’s great to see you again here William.

  20. coolhydejohn says:

    There is a bag “better than rocks”, what is it actually?

  21. lifearoundhome says:

    williams great

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