Container Gardening: Growing Salad Bowls

Container Gardening: Growing Salad Bowls

For more Stories, Food News, and Cooking Fresh videos, please visit Local farmers Joan and Ron Baune make these Salad Bowls to sell at the Portland Farmers Market for those folks who don’t have the space to grow their own. In this video Joan shows you how to do it and Ron talks about how easy they are to care for and harvest. BTW, they make great gifts, too!
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Award winning garden expert Steve Brookes shares great fun and informative gardening tips. These tips are about container gardening.
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19 Responses to “Container Gardening: Growing Salad Bowls”

  1. Maidenfairy12 says:

    20 bucks for one container hell no i can buy 3 containers some soil and seeds under 10 bucks and do it myself…..but great vid

  2. realredgod says:

    I’d say the “fail” is yours since you’re stupidity seems to be timeless.

  3. Pikachucute123ful says:

    fail……that comment was a year ago :/

  4. realredgod says:

    did you even watch the video…the first thing he talks about is how to harvest the bowls

  5. Beadgarden says:


  6. TheVegetablegardener says:

    Good job on the video. I like the idea of being able to keep the lettuce going for a long time. Mine got bitter in July when they were too large. Do you re-plant in the summer as well?


  7. TheVegetablegardener says:

    I can see how your salid bowls would be a big seller! Good idea and good video. Thanks


  8. llcyll says:

    Aside from the salad bowl, can’t she be responsible enough to wear reusable gardening gloves instead of those disposable ones. You would think gardener’s would try to do what they can to save this beautiful planet.

  9. bowler8 says:

    The slow release pellets don’t seem to disintigrate, I’ve found lots of themyears later.

  10. bowler8 says:

    won’t that ruin yr bricks?

  11. avrilbarnes says:

    Ever heard of a gardener who’s doesn’t want dirty nails!!?

  12. GardenToolCaddy says:

    Great video! Thanks for the advice.

  13. NavyBlueSTL says:

    Tites on his Wellies? …. Are those your panty-hose? Is your name Mary?

  14. NavyBlueSTL says:

    Doesn’t want dirt in his nails? …. Um, Nancy-Boy?

  15. treefrog2108 says:

    You have to hand it to the man he’s always thinking.I bet he has a shedload of crazy inventions.

  16. HoboNetWeaver says:

    hahah 1:16 “you get your nail full of compost!”

  17. Mondoshawn says:

    the voice of this guy is amazing 🙂

  18. telemarker77 says:

    you can buy terra cotta pots with a light glaze on the inside. for large terra cotta the one hole in the bottom is not enough, use 3/4 masonry bit to carefully drill four additional holes. lift pot off ground with pieces of brick, or stone or wood, so it drains well. in addition, but a window screen on the bottom, then 2 inches of gravel, then permeable ground cloth-potting soil/plant. this guy is not very helpful on containers.

  19. picatsoforfma says:

    I don’t think I would use the slow relese pellets. I’m growing produce so I would want to be organic.

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