Container Gardening Ideas

Container Gardening Ideas

Plants That Grow Well in Containers 

Flowers are one of the easiest and most rewarding plants to grow in a container garden. Annuals are the simplest, but several perennial flower and small flowering bushes also thrive in a pot when given proper care. Decorative plants provide many convenient and strikingly attractive choices when planning a new garden container. The varieties that stay healthy in a more confined space are truly endless from small trees to coloured cabbages and from ivy to ornamental grasses. Naturally, Vegetables can flourish in containers when treated properly and chosen wisely. Common vegetables planted in tubs, pots, barrels and more are such as determinant tomatoes, peppers, squashes, melons, cucumbers, lettuce, herbs of all sorts and many more edible, food-bearing plants. Then, cactus and other desert varieties make superb potted garden plants. Generally, they need little maintenance and very little watering. 

Getting the Best out of the Container Garden 

First, consider the size of the plant and the size of the container you have selected in which to grow your garden. For all but vines, some trees and the shortest plants (like less than twelve centimetres), a good rule to follow is that the container should be as wide as the plant is wide. The pot should also be deep, but planners need to research required depth for particular plans so that roots can spread and get the nutrition and water for plant health. 

Good soil is essential for plant health and growth. For pots and container growing, a balanced mix should contain peat, sand, old mulched bark, limestone, perlite and maybe some vermiculite. Container plants do not grow well in clay soil. For permanent plants such as trees or ornamental and flower perennials, the soil needs to be exchanged yearly to prevent root rot from mould, and roots should be loosened so that they do not bind up. 

Watering should happen regularly unless the plant is from the desert, and fertilizing often is necessary. Plants grow best when they are fertilized according to plant needs and fertilizer directions. Plants, containers and garden accessories are a small investment for the joy gardening!



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