Container Gardening: Lingonberry

Container Gardening: Lingonberry

Patti the Garden Girl and Al the Garden Kid plant lingonberry in their containers.
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  1. glamkitten24 says:

    Very nice. I can’t even remember what a lingonberry tastes like. I think I had them in a jam/preservative before and that’s all. I’m also liking the idea that they are harvested twice in the warm season ๐Ÿ™‚ How would they fare in Atlanta, GA area (zone wise)? BTW I think it’s awesome that you guys live in an urban area yet maintain a healthy, productive garden WTG!

  2. atomicfrog2000 says:

    Hahaha! Love this video. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. RealPauper says:

    Awesome video Patti, and Al is SO adorable … “Special thanks to gravity” … could NOT be cuter !!!

  4. nerdmom920 says:

    I notice that you guys have a lot of slugs. Lizards eat slugs, and you don’t have to get ’em drunk! Just put a hollowed out log for it to live in, leave water lying and it will stick around and take care of your slug problem.

  5. DreamsCatcher101 says:

    LOL i love the little dance and the shoulder nudge at the beginning. Great to see you have fun doing this with your daughter. I just got into square foot gardening with my 5 year old and she loves getting stuck in. I cant wait till we cook up the first meal grown in our garden.

    Thanks for the inspiration ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. RIFFSUAREZ says:

    how entertaining and educational!

  7. sbflash311 says:

    How many people remember to thank gravity?

  8. bigbuggie5 says:

    I’ve only had lingon berry juice at Ikea. I liked it. Maybe I’ll grow some too.

  9. W1tchingHour says:

    That was cute!!!

  10. DaniellaFagan says:

    Que bonita Alejandra! Cant wait to get our sprin garden prepped! Thanks always for the inspiration.

  11. cobainzlady says:

    while i sometimes don’t see perfection in these videos, what i do see is a very nicely produced video. AND it is very encouraging to get out and do some of this! a very important thing to get into in this day and age when we need to find out how to produce our own food for various reasons. Things will get worse, for a while so it is a very essential thing to know and get going in. Thanks garden girl.

  12. stronggoes says:

    Beautiful !!!!

  13. Whippetfest says:

    Your daughter is a natural! I really enjoy your videos. Thanks!

  14. vonJezierski says:

    I love this Patti!!! I failed many plantations…but Iยดm still have a hope.

  15. SunnyDaayz says:

    Thanks for the info, Patti!
    I do have a question, though. Why the metal containers? Would clay or wooden containers do just as well? I had no idea that lingonberry plants were available in the US. The small size of the bush would make them ideal for growing
    where space is limited.
    Thanks again! Love your videos.

  16. BlackChimera says:

    nice vid; not boring at all. Continue your work patti!! i will keep watching your videos.

  17. ItripledogdareU says:

    More info on your videos please, best location to plant, best size container if container gardening would a one gallon work? type of containers you used, price and where you purchased them. How often should the plant be fertilized. I love your videos Patti, keep posting them.

  18. CocoaBeachLife says:

    Very nice demonstration, very motivating! My mom always shared memories about Lingonberries — she grew up in Switzerland. Maybe I will surprise her with a Lingonberry bush!

  19. LocoPCtheoneandonly says:

    Thanks for the invite……I subbed
    Check my guitar channel !!!

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