container gardening-rocket

container gardening-rocket

easy, delicous and you can get up to 4 crops from 1 plant!
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10 Responses to “container gardening-rocket”

  1. In2christ1 says:

    I enjoyed this video. What did you do about the drainage?

  2. TheWillowwaterer says:

    sometimes grow spuds in anything …literally any clean container will do 🙂

  3. samraw22 says:

    I can’t find the follow up video he talks about… did he ever make one?!

  4. pixiepqueen says:

    I got some foam fruit boxes from my supermarket the other day. They charge $2.50 each for them but I think that is a good deal. I’m planning on growing lettuce and rocket in them.

  5. thegrowhole says:

    I like your videos the best.

  6. greendruid87 says:

    nice I would also ratoon my Rocket plants

  7. nirvanainbloom12 says:

    cool video this helps man i live in the middle of downtown LA and i grow everything in containers cause i dont have alot of room i have a small patio

  8. HelmerandRawlins says:

    Cool man good work.

  9. greentxmama says:

    Looking forward to more container garden videos! 🙂

  10. dionysusstar says:

    Looks really nice. Thanks for posting.

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