Creating a Pot Plant or Container Garden For Beginners

It’s relatively simple to attain that inviting appearance of your patio by including some annuals or even if you have a window box, some very small growing roses or there is a huge selection of annuals you could possibly use. Also there are numerous small perennial plants to choose from. There are basically two ways of arranging your pots, you can put the pots close together to give one large area or utilize a small area by using one plant, which ever way you choose, it will surely impress. 

One of the good things about gardening and using containers is, you can move your pots around to get the required color arrangement, also as soon as a plant stops flowering you can just take the old one out and put a new one in. You can either complement the colors of your plants or have completely different ones, but you must have a variation in the height of the plants. The type of leaves is also important, tall thin leaves will look good when placed behind plants that have wide leaves. When choosing plants make sure they flower for as long as possible. 

It is quite possible that you have something around the house that could be used as a plant container or you could even make one yourself. If you do like the idea of making one, it doesn’t really matter what materials you use as long as it looks good and strong enough for the job. If you make up your mind to go for the shop bought containers, you will find that the ones made from terracotta have a great look about them but tend to soak up the water, too much. The last thing you want is your pot using water that should be going to your plants. 

You could paint the inside of your pots with an appropriate product, which you could probably get from your local store. A good idea when buying pots, try to get saucers or trays, which will prevent the floor from being marked or damaged. When choosing a potting mixture, get the best one you can afford, it will give you much better results. Placing a pot with a lovely display on both sides of your front door will make it very inviting for visitors. Inside the house, pot plants always make a house look and feel more relaxing and obviously pretty as well. 

When buying plants make sure that you know where they are going to be placed. You must put a sun loving plant where it can get some sunlight and a shade loving plant where it can be in the shade if you don’t do this, the plants will not thrive. Also, there are certain plants that have quite large roots, in which case place these in the garden. If you are lucky enough to have a great deal of room outside your front door, why not have a few pots set to one side of the door, rather than having it too symmetrical, this is often more pleasing to the eye. You could even put a few large rocks between or around the pots. Just keep experimenting and you will find your perfect look that will give you and your friends a great deal of pleasure.

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