Garden In A Bag

Article by Charlene Zatloukal

One of the easiest small space garden containers I’ve run across is, a bag of potting soil. Growing a garden in a bag may seem a little silly to some and perhaps downright lazy to others, but it’s one of the easiest ways to grow a lovely little floral garden.

It is especially suitable for putting together a quick and easy small space garden for urban apartment dwellers or anyone living in an area where ground space is not available or not suitable for gardening.All you need is a bag of potting soil, some earthworm castings and some transplantable young plants.

Earthworm castings will provide the extra nutrients and fertilizer to the potting soil and will not harm or burn the young plants.Hardy flowers, such as marigolds, petunias, cosmo and nasturtiums are the easiest plants to grow in the confines of a garden in a bag.

First, decide where you want your small space bag garden to live. If you’re placing it on a balcony, where water can run and drip on anyone living below, you’ll need to safeguard against water run off by placing a heavy plastic, or some other suitable protective vessel like an old wagon or anything that will prevent water from running everywhere and place your bag accordingly.

Holes, for drainage, will need to be punched into the bottom of the bag. After doing this, place the bag where you want to leave it, place it with the holes to the bottom and cut open the top side of the bag. Add some of the earthworm castings and mix into the potting soil.

Go ahead and plant your annuals, leaving room between each plant, for them to spread and grow. Once you’ve planted, carefully soak the soil, being careful not to displace your young plants. Check that the holes you’ve punched are providing adequate drainage and if need be, punch a few more holes. You don’t want water to ‘stand’ in the bag or the plant roots will rot and the plants will die.

A garden in a bag is one of the easiest, and most affordable, ways to plant a small space garden

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