Kale – Fall Container Garden Beauty

When the colorful summer flowers are done in the container garden, replace them with the fall container garden beauty, kale. Ornamental and regular kale are members of the cabbage family that provided frilly texture and color to perk up container garden pots just as the temperatures begin to cool down.

Ornamental Kale Color and Size

Ornamental kale is low growing fall plant that forms a head much like a cabbage and produces frilly leaves in pale green, deep purple and variegated colors. The compact growing habits of ornamental kale lend themselves well to fall container gardens and window boxes.

Ornamental kale can be eaten, but is usually used as plate garnish only. Regular kale, which grows taller than ornamental kale, can be planted in fall container gardens alongside of their ornamental cousins for visual interest and a steady supply of edible kale.

Fall Container Garden Planting with Kale

Three types of plants are needed for planting an eye appealing fall container garden with kale – you’ll need a thriller, a spiller and a filler. Let the ornamental kale or regular kale take center stage in the container as the thriller. Add a spiller such as sedum or creeping jenny and a filler like dusty miller, all of which will thrive in the cooler fall temperatures.

Since the fall plants don’t produce the showy flowering plants of spring and summer, chose a non-competing planter to use for a container garden. A plain plastic flower planter, galvanized bucket or simple window box showcases the fall beauty better than ornate planters do.

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