My Indoor Container Garden Grown By 90 Watt Led UFO Grow Light Update 1

My Indoor Container Garden Grown By 90 Watt Led UFO Grow Light Update 1

This is my indoor container garden. We are growing Brandy Wine Tomato, Sweet One Hundred Cherry Tomato, Black Beauty Egg Plant, Ace Red Peppers and Danver Half Long Carrot We chose the 90 Watt LED Grow light due to its efficiency and power It Has been around a month now all grown from seed except for the sweet one hundred cherry tomato which we cloned from our outdoor garden.
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Learn how to design your container garden in this free home gardening video. Get beginner gardener tips, ideas & advice.Expert: Scott Reil Contact: Bio: Scott Reil is an accredited nurseryman and longtime horticulturalist with over two decades of experience in the field. Scott is now working for Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso
Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 Responses to “My Indoor Container Garden Grown By 90 Watt Led UFO Grow Light Update 1”

  1. Dailydose13 says:

    how are you hoing to pollinate the tomatoe flowers?

  2. iEricThomas says:

    LEDs are the future if growing it’s just hard fir morons to move on but if they knew or read a book they would know that most of HID light spectrums are waisted light and energy where LEDs use only the light spectrums to the nano meter and only what the plant wants.. What kind of name is Keebler fuckin elf go make a cookie stupid or read before u let shit ooze out if ur mouth!oh yeh my lights are 7 band my competition has 5 band and charges twice the amount

  3. iEricThomas says:

    This Keebler32586 cookie dick See when LEDs first came out they used weak bulbs but the technology has come a long way,look up ProSource worldwide commercial grow room they used all 180 watt UFO style lights MY company makes a 180 watt 90 bulb 2 watt chips w/ 90 & 120 degree angles which make for better light dispersion plus u can get 2 of mine for the price of 1 of theirs $600 FREE SHIPPING AWAYS PAYPAL verified , we also have a special buy a 600 watt light get a 180 UFO FREE!

  4. Keebler32586 says:

    LED is gay, it has absolutely no flower power, go back to the originals and take it from mario and get some flower power, a 1k HPS, dum b as s

  5. LEDGROWUFO says:

    LED Grow Lampen der neuesten Generation! High Power – High Lumen LEDs, 8 Band=

    2xRot,2xBlau,1xOrange,1xwarmes Weiss,1x UV, 1xInfrarot bei

    Erst jetzt ist fette Ernte mit LED Grow möglich!!!

  6. minecraftg81 says:

    where did you buy the light

  7. ket0mobby says:

    Subbed easy.

  8. SurgamRex says:

    @SurgamRex Growing Lemon Trees and Vegs! No… seriously, I’m not growing pot!

  9. SurgamRex says:

    I live in Nova Scotia and I have been looking for a LED 90W UFO Triband 7:1:1 RBO Plant Grow Light that has the 630nm Red. My questions are: Where can I get one? If it’s Chinese made will it burn out faster? I don’t know if LEDs “suck” cause I’ve never used one. I am willing to give them a try considering that MH and HPS are costly to run and because of the spectrum. Any thoughts on where to get a good 90w Triband UFO 630nm in Canada? Thanks.

  10. phatkix says:

    This light is a piece of crap. 50% of the led’s burnt out in 6 months. Made in China.

  11. TheThirdWing94 says:

    @HallPassExpired lol. Theres farmers in Northern Cali that are some of the most respectful and nicest people you’ll meet, and all the do is smoke & grow pot. Its more than the drug THC. Its really a beautiful thing. Watching a plant go from a baby to a mature adult, and your only rewarded with the work you put in. People think its easy, and it is if you follow a book. But to actually learn how and why the plant does what it does is a whole different thing.

  12. TheThirdWing94 says:

    I respect this type of shit. If we grew all our food like this, you’d be 10 times healthier. Its pretty disgusting when our tomatos are ripened with ethanol

  13. samljer says:

    @kaspastarr Raging on the internet like those other people is worse, methinks you need to grow up and perhaps “youre” the fucktard in all this.

  14. rbarbro says:

    Great update thank God you’re not growing pot or something stupid, alot of people are really interested in indoor gardening for Veg or Herb gardens

  15. joejeep03 says:

    @missincali85 I’ve heard LED’s suck too.

  16. 79willson says:

    @kaspastarr damn strate probly kids….. take care bro.

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