Suburban Container Gardening

Suburban Container Gardening

I show you how we do things!
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In this video Patti Moreno, the Garden Girl shows how easy it is to plant and grow an olive tree in a container. Subscribe to the Garden Girl TV Channel for the latest videos on Urban Sustainable Living. Visit for information on helping you live sustainably. Click here to subscribe to Patti’s free magazine http Thanks for watching!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

38 Responses to “Suburban Container Gardening”

  1. SasieSpice says:

    i really like the planting in the tubs. i have major back issues and have had surgeries on my knees, so bending on the ground is really hard for me. but tubs like that, i could put up on tables or something and grow food there.. thanks for the ideas!!

  2. voyagersystem says:

    … pumpkins, squash, melons, peas, beans. Plant herbs amongst them. Wire the fences so climbers can grow up them and into the fruit trees as well. Use that shed as a chicken coop and wire off a small outside section. Don’t eat them. Use the eggs and their poop for fertiliser. They will also rid your yard of pests. Lack of space, go upwards. You can also use your ‘verandah hothouse’ as a nursery. 🙂

  3. L2design says:

    you’ve inspired me to start my garden nowwwwwww…love it..thank you for the info!!!

  4. Mossy500A says:

    I will give this video a “like!” Nice garden, trying to get one started myself in Columbia, S.C. The heat here is crazy!!

  5. Thatminiaturesguy says:

    Hey guys… if you have any horse boarding facilities contact the manager/owner and ask to get some horse manure for your garden. 99% will say absolutely.

    I have two horses and I get 5 gal buckets for my dads garden.

  6. TheRebelpit says:

    sour clover is very good in sallads!

  7. shtfdk says:

    The dahlia is edable,the flowers in a sallad,the roots as alternative to tatoes(doesnt taste as good)the red clay can crumble,just add kalcium,then the plants penetrate the soil and make better conditions slowely but can also use garlic with the tomatoes,the smell have same affect.

  8. mccrearyhomeschool says:

    The cheapest type of soil is the kind you make. Make a compost pile with 4′ fence panels. Divide into 2 equal sections. Insert drainage pipes with holes criss-crossed in 6″ intervals. USE ALL YOUR LEAVES FROM FALL LEAVES. ADD NITROGEN FROM EVERYBODY’S URINE (USE A 5 GALLON BUCKET AND A CHEAP TOILET SEAT). ADD ALL YOUR VEGETABLE FOOD SCRAPS FROM COOKING OR THAT HAS GONE BAD IN THE FRIDGE. START ADDING TO ONE SIDE ALTERNATING INGREDIENTS. WHEN FULL ADD TO THE OTHER SIDE. ADD FROM THE FIRST.

  9. smile4ania says:

    Awesome! Enjoyed the three categories as well. May I ask what kind of soil you put in the Sterilites? Use the same for all? Thanks, you are a big help. Appreciate your witness as well.

  10. tburke64 says:

    I thought I was the only one who used kiddy pools! Beautiful!

  11. 444buffo says:

    hey if you really want to get out of the city. check out idaho department of labor web site lot of nurse job. i would love to have you as a neighbor

  12. kambelzful says:

    Those yellow flowers at 7:00 are Dahlias. 🙂

  13. Solingen1000 says:

    Woohoo!!! I would rather use pots and a hydroponic media mixed with organics (for outside) BUT to each his own…her own…whatever.

  14. NESurvivalPrep says:

    Those nitrogen fixing clover things are also edible. They’re kinda sour, but I like sour stuff, so…

  15. ThePatriotNurse says:

    @Solingen1000 I plant companion plants (clover and vetch for nitrogen fixers) and also add and mix compost into the soil. Great question!

  16. Solingen1000 says:

    Question: What do you use for fertilizers?

  17. grassdi says:

    Just curious if you ever found out what that nitrogen fixer was? regardless though thank you for the videos! All very helpful, truly a potential life saver.

  18. grassdi says:

    Just curious if you ever found out what that nitrogen fixer was? But regardless very helpful video, thank you for it!

  19. TheBigpunn421 says:

    huge clay problem here in ny too…….taters hahahahah…..for bugs try ladybugs…..and too much nitrogen will kill roots…..also chicken poop and rabbit turd is great for garden….also compost is great for compost tea…. also you should get a rain catch for garden…and remember organic is best………..and watchout the string for a latace it can absorb water and cause mold…..but great info and hope garden went well..

  20. WW3Revolution says:

    20 sq.ft grow space in 4 sq.ft – Grow Vertical!


  21. WW3Revolution says:

    Hey patriot nurse! You need to consider Vertical Grow Planters! Grow vertically means more food in less ground space! Google it for all kinds of planters, hanging baskets etc…. Lots of space saving techniques and equipment available.

    Thanks for all the medical advice!

  22. 95TriggerHappy says:

    Are you in Alabama?

  23. Beercan555 says:

    Thanks for the video. You are one of the best things on You Tube.

  24. tigerlamb007 says:

    The flower next to your xmas lima beans in the front of your house are Dahlias:).

  25. huguenot67 says:

    Ma’am, you are a very smart, practical lady. Thanks for the channel.

  26. brad238899 says:

    Some basic bonsai techniques and you will definitely be able to maintain a smaller tree. P.S. Olive trees symbolize martinis for me.

  27. oz22verizon says:

    my stark bros olive plant lost all its leaves about 2 weeks after i replanted it. what did i do wrong? 🙁 im in nyc

  28. Metqa says:

    She basically just showed us how to put a plant in a pot, where’s the “growing part” ? This video was useless for the title it claimed. How much sunlight, Morning or afternoon, How often to water, When to prune, how hard to prune, pests, diseases, is it harvestable, when does it fruit, when can you pick, does it need cross fertilization to set seed, How does it pollenate, by bugs, by wind, self,
    Thumbs down. She’s cute, but this video was not useful at all.

  29. ikeorch7 says:

    Where did you buy your large galvenized containers??

  30. frozengates says:

    l planted mine in a Bonsai style. Peace be with you. Joey

  31. ljbcvoyek says:

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  32. ljbcvoyek says:

    Make all your favorite meals from your favorite restaurants from home! Check out this video –

  33. TheCraiges says:

    Olive trees are one of the symbols of peace,, so I love this video and I love the T shirt too :^)

  34. iamhe250 says:

    great info thanks for sharing

  35. ikeorch7 says:

    So do the produce olives when planted in pots?

  36. wendelah1 says:

    How much light did they get over the winter? Have they survived so far?

  37. AdrianJiek says:

    I have never seen an olive tree before…

  38. glad0275 says:

    thank you for the envite I love gardening. love the video

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