Andy’s Salsa Garden 2010

Andy’s Salsa Garden 2010

Looks like Andy’s garden is off to a good start.

Preparing to sow my germinated seedlings to the raised bed. Pulled all Potatoes out to make room, look out Summer, SALSA is coming full speed ahead, the hotter the better, if you don’t SWEAT, it’s not HOT! Peace
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3 Responses to “Andy’s Salsa Garden 2010”

  1. MrPaka420 says:

    @Allen2045 Yes I say, anything from the SEA, and oh yes lets not forgrt the POOP, bat , eel, worm, chicken, the list goes on, all natural for our soil, feed your soil, the soil will feed your plant.

  2. MrPaka420 says:

    @LadyGardenHoe Me too, How’s Buck? take a few sips on the next puting will you with Buck, just enjoy that alone time, in where ever it is that is peaceful, no one around, river, mountain, ocean, it’s all so good. Bringing it to the table, I love that, Give them the love they need, and they love us back, and reward us with nutritious food for our bodies, refreshing it all the time with the valuable vitamins and minerals, isn’t that Nice of Mother.

  3. LadyGardenHoe says:

    So glad you found my channel. You give excellent information.

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