Backyard Herb Garden

A Master Gardener project- to renovate a ten-year old herb garden. We couldn’t do it without our volunteers!

6 Responses to “Backyard Herb Garden”

  1. macsdj6472 says:

    Beautiful video. It inspires us to learn more about our garden. We have found that living in an apartment in the past years teaches you about container gardening. We’ve even grow corn in containers. Wonderful work you’ve done. Wish we could do all that (or have the time)!

  2. TarotLadyLissa says:

    All I have is a container herb garden because I live in an apartment..but I can’t wait till my husband and I can own land..All I need is small 6’x6′ plot of land.. Oh I can’t wait to get my hands dirty in a garden of my own! I applaud your work!

  3. emyangelph says:

    i love this video…

  4. ohgarden says:

    wow…. lots or work…. I can relate! Thanks for sharing.

  5. pinklantana says:

    The gardens looked really nice. Good video. 🙂

  6. MyGreenThumb says:

    Posted –> Backyard Herb Garden

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