Betty’s Herb Garden Update + Betty Opens Two Gifts from Viewers

Betty’s Herb Garden Update + Betty Opens Two Gifts from Viewers

In this video, Betty shows the current look of the herb garden, and then ends the video by opening two gifts sent by viewers. As of today, the herb garden contains curly parsley, flat parsley, thyme, oregano, sage, tarragon, rosemary, green peppers, pimiento peppers, and a couple of jalapeno peppers. These are all in great condition, but with the colder weather coming, these will probably be killed by frost in the next month or so. We have gotten a lot of good out of the herb garden this year, and it has been so easy to take care of! I opened two gifts from viewers toward the end of this video. Joyce, from Los Angeles, sent me a fish fabric key chain, which is lovely and useful to me. Joyce’s user ID is 3838bbla. She also has a website, You might want to visit the shop and check out her crafts. They are beautiful! Patricia, from Salamanca, Spain, sent me a silver bracelet with three buttons, called botones charros, because the people living there are called charros. Patricia wanted to send me something representing her city. I think the bracelet is gorgeous, and I will treasure it always. Thanks, Joyce and Patricia! –Betty 
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16 Responses to “Betty’s Herb Garden Update + Betty Opens Two Gifts from Viewers”

  1. pizzaboxify says:

    Kentucky is gorgeous!

  2. bettyskitchen says:

    @yoonasnsdlove120 Yes, that’s the spoiled little dog of the family.
    –Betty 🙂

  3. bettyskitchen says:

    @TheJuicerDepot I bring my chives indoors and plant them in a pretty flower pot.  you can use on them all winter. My biggest fault is in forgetting to keep them well-watered, but , if you keep them watered, they are great. You need to see if you can find some herb plants that don’t grow too big; most of them will do well inside your house in appropriate containers.
    –Betty 🙂

  4. TheJuicerDepot says:

    Hi Betty. Do you grow any herbs indoors over the winter season? I haven’t tried this yet and would like to. And if so do you have any tips on indoor growing?

  5. yoonasnsdlove120 says:

    remy at the back ?  4:29

  6. zft51994 says:

    Your house is so cool! It’s like something from the Sims! Here in Singapore where just about everybody lives in apartments, landed property isn’t common at all. Your garden looks great and I hope you have a great day!

  7. sandyhippe says:

    Thank you Betty. 🙂

  8. GabbyYouDidnt says:

    Betty your home is BEAUTIFUL! and your garden(the one in front of the house) is so amazing. It inspires me to want to keep up with the garden here!!

  9. Aveenogreen says:

    @bettyskitchen It looks really pretty on you 🙂

  10. butterbat says:

    I love your garden updates!

  11. shahzadkayani74 says:

    Nice house betty

  12. angeewells says:

    very nice gifts.

  13. TheVittleVlog says:

    Great vid Betty!!

  14. bettyskitchen says:

    @doowopshopgal I believe the black spots are fungus. I just cut around them and discard them.
    –Betty 🙂

  15. doowopshopgal says:

    Betty please, you mentioned black spots on the veg leaves. I get that when I plant outside, what are those black spots, insects and their eggs??? that is why I do not like to plant herbs. Yuk, what can I do to get rid of them? please help, thank you, I did the stuffed peppers, awesome, I just added a whole lotta cheese, yum, stay well

  16. macherielle says:

    @bettyskitchen Wow, you never water them. I need to buy the mulch stuff too. I think during winter, we aren’t supposed to water our plants that much…including herbs…so I will need something to keep the soil moist. Thank you for the reply! You really do a great job taking care of your garden. 🙂

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