Build an Herb Garden Out of a Shipping Palette

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The concept is that you water the top plant and it drains through to the plant below that and then to the plant below that. Tools and Materials Shipping palette Soda and juice bottles Razor and scissors Drill Wood screws Rocks Newspaper Instructions on how to build the herb garden Cut the bottom parts of the bottles off. Screw the first bottle into the top slat. Use two screws spaced out evenly to support the weight. Crumple up some newspaper and stick in the bottom of the bottle. Put some rocks in the bottom too. Line the entire inside of the bottle with newspaper to protect the roots and soil from direct sunlight. Trim off any excess newspaper that’s flowing over the top. If your bottle doesn’t reach the slat below, then you will have to reinforce it with something sturdy. I used hangers that I bent out of shape and chopsticks. Fill the bottles with soil. Plant seeds or transplants as necessary. Be sure to put something under the bottom bottle to catch the water. For more information, please visit

14 Responses to “Build an Herb Garden Out of a Shipping Palette”

  1. CanarsieBK says:

    @pitbullgirl65 Exactly. Word.

  2. pitbullgirl65 says:

    This is fantastic! I’ve heard of people using pallet wood for wooden floors. There are so many ways to reuse stuff. Anything that keeps money out of corporate hands is great.

  3. masn1978 says:


  4. CanarsieBK says:

    @TheCraftyGemini Thanks. It’s working pretty well too.

  5. TheCraftyGemini says:

    great idea! Thanks!

  6. CanarsieBK says:

    @GettingThereGreen There are lots of places that you can get them.

  7. CanarsieBK says:

    @GreenSmoothieGuru Sweet. Glad you liked.

  8. pabyizzy says:

    @CanarsieBK no prob, great idea by the way! 😀

  9. GettingThereGreen says:

    good use of a shipping pallet. You can pick up old slightly damaged shipping pallets easily near factories and stores. There is a hardware store not far from my house that puts a pile of them near the road so that people can just come and take them. ~Amanda

  10. GreenSmoothieGuru says:

    Nice Pallet Planter! I’m going to make one! Great idea, thanks!

  11. CanarsieBK says:

    @pabyizzy Ahhh gotcha. I can def see if that works any better. Thanks for clarifying.

  12. pabyizzy says:

    @CanarsieBK I think he means turn it on it’s side so the boards that are horizontal, would then be vertical. This way, you can have 4 columns of bottles, but only 2 rows, but then you wouldn’t have to use the chopsticks for support since you are setting them up right on the vertical boards

  13. CanarsieBK says:

    @baconsoda Hmmm, I’m not sure I am following what you are saying. Having a hard time envisioning.

  14. baconsoda says:

    Would it be worth considering turning the next pallet 90 degrees and screwing the bottles to the uprights which would then support the bottom of the bottles and there would be no need for chopsticks? It would also give you four columns.
    Best Wishes, Brendan.

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