Build Your Own Hydroponic Garden

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Greenhouses Plans – DIY Hydroponics garden. Hydroponics is not a new development. It has been around since nearly the beginning of recorded history. That wonder of the ancient world known as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon was an exercise in hydroponics and rice has been grown hydroponically for centuries. Today, hydroponics is used in a variety of settings. Wherever soil is unavailable, hydroponic gardening seems to appear. Wildcatters on offshore oilrigs grow their own tomatoes. Cooks on nuclear submarines hydroponically grow vegetables to use in there crew’s meals. Right now, plants are growing on orbiting space stations without a single grain of soil. This video is an outline of the equipment and steps neccessary to build your own hydroponic garden. More information and diy hydroponics instructions can be found at

25 Responses to “Build Your Own Hydroponic Garden”

  1. 3L3M3NT666 says:

    I love that!

  2. lovingmygarden says:

    It is a nice video presentation although I think it would have been better if you showed the actual building process not just picture slides. However, this is really interesting. You can actually build a homemade hydroponics system with just less than $60, that is really cool. 🙂

  3. glass404 says:

    say no to drugs keep weed illegal

  4. danecooktz says:

    so the plants just have a constant supply of water? wont that drown most plants

  5. lesserleigh says:

    i feel exhausted from watching this.

  6. armanflint says:

    You went to a lot of trouble masking over and sealing something see-through. Would it be less expensive to use a large Styrofoam cooler or a ceramic container?

    Nice build and plant support idea!

  7. gp8383 says:

    retarded music

  8. kwboie says:

    I’m buying drip emitters and not sure what gage (gph) to get. Any recommendations?

  9. unisteph says:

    do not add Miracle gro put a nutrition solution in the water by adding miracle grow it will interfere with the plants levels of nitrogen witch is critical in the growth of plants giving plants more nitrogen then they need will not help keep the fertilizers to plants in soil

  10. FranciscoSRO2 says:

    thanks, thats great, the normal youtube font is more legible, thanks!

  11. selfsufficientlife says:

    The total is a little under $60

  12. FranciscoSRO2 says:

    hey, i can read the price numbers cuz i have a eye problem, anone can tell me what is the total price?

  13. PSYKOTTIC says:

    Please find a new hobby. Im sure people in your local area need a village idiot.

  14. googlesucks27 says:

    It was the furnace filter material he wrapped around the roots. as for the Miracle-Gro I’m not sure.

  15. oogp says:

    over kill

  16. mario2228 says:

    dumb ass bitch

  17. adriancoul says:

    shitty scissors bro, you need an upgrade!

  18. mchl41rdfrd says:

    im gonna light up that dro

  19. MrPinksBane says:

    Was that a paper towel you wrapped the roots in? ALso, can you add Miracle-Gro to the water, or would the chemicals damage the filter/tank/caulk ???

  20. louis12346 says:

    fish ate my pot and now he talks

  21. RosaeCrucis57 says:

    Styrofoam? Interesting.

  22. machaaz09 says:

    genius thanks

  23. CakesPix says:

    brilliant idea to have floating styrofoam. styrofoam is also rather anti-bacterial/fungal i think since they use those containers to put cheese jugs in to ferment.

  24. BrianAStier says:

    It takes about a good month before the nitrogen cycle will be complete. Afterward, treating it like a fish tank should help pretty darn well for the plants.

    Like another user said, a reservoir below is another good way of doing it. Using a pond pump and timers to spray the plants every 15 minutes or however much they need to be watered. Lights on a timer too, makes everything much much easier and smooth.

    Awesome vid, nice setup! Take care….

  25. BrianAStier says:

    For all those still wondering, you can do a setup like this with fish. Most fish really don’t physically need light, however if you are going to cover the entire tank there is no need to put fish in the tank at all. If you leave the tank open you should install flour. lights above your plans to simulate the season. 18 hours during spring time, 12 towards fall seems to be pretty good. If you add fish and treat it as a fish tank, it will go through the nitrogen cycle, eliminating extra nutrients.

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