Chehon – No Weed No Life (Herb Garden/Love Bump Riddim) Japanese Reggae 2006

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FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY!! I’ve heard some Japanese diss Chehon saying he’s the worst Japanese Reggae artist. I really don’t know much about Japanese Reggae (except for MIghty Crown). All I know is this tune is REEAALLY catchy lol. If you listen, you can hear them big up the Ganja Man & the High Grade. Some English words the same in Japanese. You can download my remixes at: You can also download my Soca Mix at:

4 Responses to “Chehon – No Weed No Life (Herb Garden/Love Bump Riddim) Japanese Reggae 2006”

  1. jameskoenig3388 says:

    @shkstfu That, I don’t know. I googled it & didn’t find any lyrics. The only thing I can think of is try to reach the artist himself. Maybe link up Mighty Crown from Japan on their public Facebook profile. Mighty Crown knows just about EVERY Japanese (and Jamaican) reggae artist.

  2. shkstfu says:

    where can i get the lyrics of this song?

  3. sangheily115 says:

    Oh i like thats jeje =)
    dont have sub??

  4. takahiro2012JP says:


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