Container Gardening: Container Herb Garden

Container gardening is a great way to grow plants, vegetables and herbs without needing a lot of space. Herbs do especially well and can be grown right outside your kitchen door. In this video, you’ll learn how to use an old farmer’s market basket to make a great container garden. Fill it with your favorite herbs and your cooking will be full of flavor all summer long.

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  1. Martha344b says:

    I transplanted my TickleMe Plant to a container garden. It is the only plant that MOVES when you Tickle It! The leaves suddenly fold and even the branches droop when Tickled. Just google TickleMe Plant to easily grow your own and to watch it moves..Its a wow!

  2. laurieannpost says:

    I saved my plants from frying in the sun with some spotshading parasols I found on You just stick them in the ground or in your potted plants and they filter the sun and shade the plants during the hottest time of the day. I love them. I have about eight of them sticking out of the plants on my deck. They’re lovely.

  3. RiddleTales says:

    @RiddleTales HI me again. I did what you said, and that saved them-ish. They had already taken a lot of damage so they were very slowing going out the door. Then the squires came by and just dug them up. Guess I just need to start over now.

  4. RecipeCook says:

    @RiddleTales The weather where I live is REALLY humid so that doesn’t bother them. When you transplant, don’t do it in the beating sun, and keep them in the shade for a day or two to get their strength back. And when you transplant especially in the heat that you have, they will wilt a bit. As I mentioned, move them in a shady spot for a bit – don’t over water – and see if that helps. Let me know! Rita from AboutEating

  5. RiddleTales says:

    Q. The weather is going to be humid in my area for the next week, I had just replanted my plants to give them more room so they were already in shock. My plants have started to look under the weather so I brought them in side thinking it was the 90* heat killing them. But since it was humid when I watered the they didn’t dry out the next day so I stopped watering them. How do I take care of my herbs in humid weather? They are already dieing! Help!

  6. blsdava says:

    fantastic video!!

  7. olepus11 says:

    hm…I don’t think I will take any gardening -tips from you… this sounds really toxic to me

  8. RealPantin says:

    cannabis sprouts really quickly:D

  9. sharanprasanth says:

    very bad focus from the videographer 2.33

  10. doria2006 says:

    This was really helpful. Thank you!

  11. MrDripdrop says:

    @NJGardengirl1961 Yeah if it something you are going to eat or suck on you should wash it up real good then slam it into that ass as hard as humanly possible

  12. YourGardenShow says:

    great video!

  13. bl12br12 says:

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  14. keithallenlaw says:

    You said Miracle Grow…I’m outta here!

  15. dhaddox says:

    Mint is very fast-growing and will take over that whole container if you don’t cut it back often.

  16. BlackNMedBlaze says:

    I love container gardening!!!!!!

  17. devotees1 says:

    the basket was more cute than the big container

  18. devotees1 says:

    the basket was more cute than the big container

  19. AntiVaccine says:

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  20. NeosKortexXx says:

    Beautiful container? xD

  21. OS253 says:


    Doesn’t vaccines cause autism in children? Or does being an older mom or dad causes that disease?

  22. nicoleisrad says:

    And it smells really good too. My mom has it all over her apt because of the aroma.

  23. MikeofWyoming says:

    Fast or slow, I’m for living over whining any day.

  24. SnipeTigger says:

    @MikeofWyoming I think the worrying kills people faster. x)

  25. MikeofWyoming says:

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