Container Herb Garden – Container Gardening-Insightful Nana

Detail Instructions on how to make your own Container Herb Garden. From selecting the container …to planting the herbs and caring for the garden. See more gardening tips at Insightful

8 Responses to “Container Herb Garden – Container Gardening-Insightful Nana”

  1. murphyld66 says:

    More and more packing peanuts are made from cornstarch so they aren’t as detrimental to the environment. When they get wet they turn to mush and start to decompose.

  2. Insightfulnana says:

    Yes… any type of container will do…. as long as it is deep enough.

  3. treefrog2108 says:

    can ya use hexagonal containers?

  4. mozart1942 says:

    Thanks for that info! Extremely helpful.

  5. Abrideatlast says:

    Wow! Insightful nana is really very insightful. What a marvellous idea using packing peanuts. Thanks so much!

  6. pagandaughter says:

    This is a great video. Thanks!

  7. KARStarla says:

    i had no idea you could grow that many things in one container, will these have to be repotted at all ?

  8. Radicalreels says:

    I’ve never used packing peanuts, what a great idea! Thanks

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