Creating an Attractive and Productive Herb Garden the Easy Way

Gardening has always been a favorite pastime amongst the young and old, which has relaxation benefits for all who put their time and effort into this hobby.

Gardening to some is considered to an art form. So what about herb gardens, have you thought about starting one? Well gardening in it self is a healthy pastime, add the added benefits of fresh herbs to the mix and you come up with an idea that warrants some extra attention. Now if you like to garden and like to cook this idea has double the benefit for you.

With the additional benefits herbs can provide in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, starting your own herb garden at home has many positive prospects. Through the positive benefits natural herbs have in a diet and lifestyle change it is only natural to want things within reach for continued and convenient use. Some of the things you will need to think about before you begin your journey into herb gardening.

What you need to think about before you start. What will be the main purpose for growing an herb garden? Will it be for healthy, hobby or cooking? This will determine the herbs you purchase.

How much space do you have to use to grow your herbs in? An efficient garden can be grown in a small amount of space, if you know what your needs or use will be for them. What will be your goal in starting and maintaining your garden? Why are you thinking of growing an herb garden? Once you have these few answers and a plan of action any plant supply store can help you to gather what you need to begin as long as they know your needs.

Once you have your supplies planting is the easy part after doing some research on the herbs you have chosen (the internet is a great beginners tool) so that you know how far apart, deep and what should be next to what for optimal growth reasons.

Even the beginner can make herb gardening look like an art. Then you just wait and with some basic care needs nature will do the rest. Once you have grown herbs you can simple use what you need. Fresh herbs are now at your fingertips, learn what works best for you and enjoy. Now although fresh herbs are great gardening herbs can be done year round and when you can’t grow them you can dry and store them for later use. Cut them by the stems rinse them with cold water and hang in leaves to dry, bunch them by type and put inside a paper bag leafs down and store in a dry place.

In two weeks check the paper bags, they should be dry with little moisture in them at this point you can bake on low oven setting after you crumble and place them on a baking tray. This process is not to cook the herbs but to make sure they are fully dried. Then you can store them, their uses are endless.

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