Executive Chef on Roof Herb Garden

Shannon Walsh-Wrightson, Executive Chef at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel in downtown Vancouver, gives Janine and I a tour of this rooftop herb garden, which has been used by the professional kitchen staff at the hotel for over 10 years. Learn how he and his fellow cooks incorporate fresh herbs and fruit from the garden into their dishes. City Farmer TV.

4 Responses to “Executive Chef on Roof Herb Garden”

  1. jacobestes says:

    For sure.

  2. food5thought says:

    I made lavender shortbread cookies–they came out sooo good!! I’ve used rose petals to make rose water for gulab gamins.

  3. dionysusstar says:

    More restaurants should do this. Thanks for posting.

  4. cookingupastory says:

    I’ve recently just heard about restaurant roof gardens and it sounds like such a good idea. This is the first one I’ve seen, tho. Looks like a lot of work and care went into this one. Thanks for sharing!

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