Growing Herbs With The Easiest Indoor Herb Garden Ever

In this video I show you how easy growing herbs can be with this indoor herb garden that doesn’t even need dirt.

15 Responses to “Growing Herbs With The Easiest Indoor Herb Garden Ever”

  1. I3addogy says:

    Why is it required that I give you my email to get these tips ? I’ll pass on your web site.

  2. jrichtman says:

    These videos are great, I have started a small indoor garden to keep me busy during the winter and your videos always have good information.

  3. Utalk234 says:

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  4. xLuciferProductionsx says:

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  5. Utalk234 says:

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  6. Utalk234 says:

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  8. xLuciferProductionsx says:

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  9. Utalk234 says:

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  11. xLuciferProductionsx says:

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  12. Utalk234 says:

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  13. Neropatti says:

    Cute. I should start planting already…

  14. mrSugarglider says:


  15. xLuciferProductionsx says:

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