Hallucinogen-Herb garden

Full version of the track “Herb garden” from “The mystery of the Yeti part 2”

4 Responses to “Hallucinogen-Herb garden”

  1. slowwormz says:

    Truly amazing!!! Does anyone know where i can buy/download the full version?

  2. maggieeelokka says:

    this is amazing!!

  3. rabbitspliff says:

    i’ve been searching for this track for a whole fuckin year man, the shortened shpongle version on spaceships of the imagination wasn’t enough. so good to finally have found it.

  4. JackRMCdo says:

    rules to this song – Get high as fuck, get some big headphones, lay back and close your eyes, and the song will take you to space and back trust me

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