Handy Dandy Herb Garden

DIY, How to create a simple herb garden in a flower pot to use all summer long.

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  1. colebeep says:

    If you start reading thins you CANT stop .Once ther was a little girl named Cecilia.She was a little 7 year old who got strangled and raped by a man =.If you dont post this to 15 other videos you will see CCecilia standing at the end of your bed with a knife and she will kill you
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  2. TheFamousStacie says:

    I’m going to try again growing them from seed, this time.

  3. katalina2007 says:

    LOL–well, cucumbers are probably a BIT more challenging!

  4. TheFamousStacie says:

    Thanks kat! New video coming up soon. I’ve managed to kill all my cucumbers so don’t give me too much credit!

  5. katalina2007 says:

    I LOVE your herb garden idea! Stacie, you are SO talented 🙂

  6. clayLavl says:

    stacie..you WILL win!

  7. TheFamousStacie says:

    Good! Both will play next week in the Bare Bones Fest. I have been asked to be an award presenter so now I’m worried that I didn’t win anything!!!!!

  8. TheFamousStacie says:

    I know, hehe, a few days ago I couldn’t get one of my keys to work and took it to apple. I had a rock stuck under my down arrow. They looked at me suspiciously, and I smiled and shrugged. I have a video camera, but the computer is so much EASIER!!!!

  9. clayLavl says:

    stacie..I love Depeche Mode too! I like what you have going on. How’s the movie coming along?

  10. TheFamousStacie says:

    Golly, I love Martha!!!! I love DIY… I wish more people did, too. I think I may use my website for 100% DIY videos.

  11. cookingupastory says:

    =D ! Must have been the airways, or something. Wondering ‘where’s MsFamous?’ and went searching. So pleased to see you back. You got a new laptop I see (in the reflection of your marvelous sunglasses)! Nice =)

  12. clayLavl says:

    so martha stewart…hehe!

  13. TheFamousStacie says:

    Haha, I was just watching your video and here you are over here! The herbs are looking just gorgeous. I love to just smell it : )

  14. cookingupastory says:

    Nothing like warm weather to get you outside and planting!! Great job, Ms. Famous. Nice to see you too =) That is going to be one fine smelling bodacious herb container in short order. Yay! Thanks for getting me thinking about some yummy herbs.

  15. TheFamousStacie says:

    I managed to murder all my cucumbers so far!

  16. SoCaliLivn says:

    And she gardens too!

  17. TheFamousStacie says:

    Heck Ya!

  18. 45TLB says:

    Herbs huh?

  19. TheFamousStacie says:

    Dangerous – Try putting a sock over their heads and see how fast they go then.

  20. dangerousprimate says:

    found an ostrich..jeez those things can run,still no egg!!!

  21. Bdup81 says:

    Hell yeah you have!,thats the best herb or “erb” out of the lot, basil rocks my pallet lmao

  22. joeabro1 says:

    lol very funny stacie.

  23. higgrobot says:

    My Japanese Spell Check this entire page is wrong 🙂

  24. TheFamousStacie says:

    Hahaha, well these are just the cookin’ kind. I gotta get some basil to throw in there though.

  25. TheFamousStacie says:

    Joe – I think my thumb is a little yellow, or brown and sometimes just black! But I try anyway…

  26. MyGreenThumb says:

    Posted –> Handy Dandy Herb Garden http://ow.ly/18RgEh

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