Herb Garden Update + Betty Learns a Lesson from a Snapping Turtle!

Herb Garden Update + Betty Learns a Lesson from a Snapping Turtle!

In this video, Betty shows her herb garden, three weeks after being planted. All plants are surviving and thriving. We have had plenty of rain and have not had to do any watering. We spend very little time on caring for the garden, because herbs generally grow well under poor conditions. We do not use fertilizers or insecticide. The plants we currently have in our herb garden are: cilantro, thyme, flat-leaf parsley curly parsley sage, rosemary, tarragon, basil, dill, and garlic chives. We also have 2 tomato plants, 2 bell pepper plants, 1 pimiento pepper plant, and 2 jalapeno pepper plants. We also have a mint plant, which is in a pot that is planted some distance from the herb garden. I will keep you updated on the herb garden as I begin to use herbs in recipes this summer. On my way out to the herb garden I encountered a turtle in the grass. It looked harmless, and I have played with terrapin turtles all my life. I decided to take a close-up picture of the turtle and was startled when the turtle “lunged” at me! It turned out to be a snapping turtle–which I have since found can take a chunk out of your arms or legs, or can bite off a finger or toe! I will be keeping my distance from snapping turtles in the future. I hope you enjoyed this look at our herb garden after 3 weeks in the ground. Love, Betty ­čÖé

The Mystery Of The Yeti – Part 01, Track 02 (Simon Posford, Raja Ram Rothfield – TIP Records, 1996)
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36 Responses to “Herb Garden Update + Betty Learns a Lesson from a Snapping Turtle!”

  1. lilmzpreach says:

    LOL! Oh my goodness, I laughed so hard when the camera rattled because of the turtle jumping, I thought the camera dropped at first. I’ve had turtles do that´╗┐ to me too before. Snapping turtles are mean ­čÖü

  2. bettyskitchen says:

    @anitaramirez07 It was scarier after it was over–I could have lost´╗┐ a finger or toe!
    –Betty ­čÖé

  3. anitaramirez07 says:

    OMG how´╗┐ scary!! lol

  4. bettyskitchen says:

    @TheKiwiCook Believe´╗┐ me, I did, too!
    –Betty ­čÖé

  5. TheKiwiCook says:

    Haha I jump when the´╗┐ turtle snapped!!

  6. bettyskitchen says:

    @mhuertazayas I will be´╗┐ careful. My dog, Remy, was with me. It is fortunate that he wasn’t attacked!
    –Betty ­čÖé

  7. mhuertazayas says:

    Becareful next time tell Carter´╗┐ to not get bear that turtle and the other ones.:

  8. bettyskitchen says:

    @treyatl2006 That sounds´╗┐ wonderful!
    –Betty ­čÖé

  9. treyatl2006 says:

    @bettyskitchen Yes it is…. We just pulled up two very sweet watermelons. We are freezing alot of the squash bell peppers, and green beans´╗┐ for the winter.

  10. bettyskitchen says:

    @mhuertazayas I was just busy,´╗┐ getting out the way!
    –Betty ­čÖé

  11. mhuertazayas says:

    Why didn’t you call I’m not sure what’s it called animal something those turtles´╗┐ r dangerous.

  12. bettyskitchen says:

    @mhuertazayas It left´╗┐ in the period of an hour or so.
    –Betty ­čÖé

  13. mhuertazayas says:

    How long´╗┐ did it take for it to get out.

  14. bettyskitchen says:

    @mhuertazayas There is a fence in the back yard,´╗┐ but a turtle can easily crawl under it!
    –Betty ­čÖé

  15. mhuertazayas says:

    Don’t u´╗┐ have a fence around your backyard.

  16. prehistoric28 says:

    Been a big Yeti fan my whole life. Curious´╗┐ if anyone has read the new book THE ICE GORILLA? I only ask because I read movie producers are looking at turning THE ICE GORILLA book into a movie. does anyone know this to be true?

  17. herbalist420ganja says:

    @BlaineGarrett hallucionogen IS Posford…This is from “Mystery´╗┐ Of The Yeti”, yet another side project of Simons

  18. nordicpower88 says:


  19. Oschaz says:

    @katerocky needed that, thanks!´╗┐

  20. katerocky says:

    Info:The Guy´╗┐ ho speaking in the beginning of this Track is “Cristian R├Ątsch”.

  21. idrosjugglingclub says:

    @mikrokosmoss i´╗┐ think he meant the speech from the beggining of the track

  22. BlaineGarrett says:

    I love this track. One note, this is the group´╗┐ “Hallucinogen”, not Shpongle, even though they both have Posford and Ram.

  23. mvibrance says:

    @iizAfox ´╗┐ me too pls!!

  24. mvibrance says:

    @iizAfox ´╗┐ me too pls!! mvibrance@me.com

  25. j0eMD says:


    Without the upload, essential knowledge´╗┐ would be left to those with $… can’t we prorate it? I bought the albums, others might not be able to, or wouldn’t know they needed to without… Don’t be so harsh. This is the Sun learning about itself. Do you think it worries about how it figures it out? I bet Shpongle (mostly) doesn’t. If you have the means, and you love it, support it with $. If you don’t have the means, and love it, support it with LOVE and sharing.

  26. CopsAreFaggots says:

    WAH! I trip my nuts´╗┐ of on this (sober). This is so good!

  27. chrumzelup says:

    @iizAfox or switch on google(html5 beta youtube) to get better sound quality not that adobe flash low end…

  28. chrumzelup says:

    nice idea to put a monoscope in here as people´╗┐ should listen to this and not watch ­čÖé unfortunately its not full lenght..

  29. herrsexyhosen says:

    @mikrokosmoss i think he´╗┐ means the speaking part. i would also kinda like to know. i wanna learn more on the subject.

  30. SDGSDG12 says:

    One of the best CDs i have. Watch my clips and you will´╗┐ understand why.

  31. BNHHaWk says:


    buy´╗┐ it ­čśë

  32. MeEatEgg says:

    @mikrokosmoss AND lizAfox…. If you like what an artist does you should BUY their art not steal it. It is not anyones place to be giving art away for free other than the artist. Because you CAN do it doesnt mean you should and if you truly like an artist and want to hear more of what they do you should SUPPORT IT… It costs money to create things you like. You didnt walk in and STEAL this computer´╗┐ did you? THe most it could cost is $1 and you will have it as long as you like.. SUPPORT ART!!

  33. SurTensionMusic says:

    I want to meet the shaman of´╗┐ the forest man ! I have to meet him now !

  34. Atilla22189 says:

    @DaveS06 ´╗┐ thanks alot!

  35. powerofthepistols says:

    @NachtstromSchall Real music should be made for´╗┐ other purpouses than profit. And breaking down the supermarkeds would do nothing but good to this world.

  36. Aartbakkebaard says:

    It’s on the double´╗┐ CD called ‘Legend of the hidden shpongle’, the track lasts about 14 minutes..

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