Herb Garden

CookingSessions.com host Jason Hill shows how to grow a culinary herb garden. With these tips, home cooks can learn about herb gardening and what to plant in their herb gardens. Among Hill’s favorite herbs for a kitchen herb garden are oregano, basil, thyme, mint, tarragon, cilantro and chives. To see more cooking videos, visit www.CookingSessions.com

25 Responses to “Herb Garden”

  1. ChefTips says:

    Sorry, no special brownies here. lol.

  2. ChefTips says:

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. 123vaw123 says:

    wohhh where is the reefer?

  4. Dano78229 says:

    man i love those potatoes you showed i rosemary with chiken and potatoes with a cream sauce.

  5. ChefTips says:

    Sweet basil is very nice.

  6. RosellaRo says:

    so i went to home depot the other day to buy some basil seeds but theres so many different kinds like sweet, etc…which one do you recommend?

  7. ChefTips says:

    I love coriander (cilantro). We use it quite a bit. Basil is great as well, and I use fresh chives for many things. We often use the thyme for our chicken dishes. I guess I like them all!

  8. azndude3600 says:

    What’s your favourite herb?

    Mines personally corriander. Just tastes delicious.

  9. ChefTips says:

    Sounds good! Hope you have some information on your channel soon!

  10. HerbGardeningAdvices says:

    if you are into herb gardening you should visit herbgardeningadvices!!!!

  11. ChefTips says:

    Wow, thanks so much for the kind comment! That really means a lot to us as we do work very hard on them. All the best to you. ~ Jason

  12. 21Sarabi says:

    Hmm very interesting!! I am planning to grow a few of my own vegetables next Spring/Summer. I’ll have to add herbs to the list!!

  13. 1973Johnny2bad says:

    hahah …your videos are becoming like the food networks ….smooth producing !!!

    shoot……………..you should have won the prize money as the next food network star !

  14. 1973Johnny2bad says:

    I grow some inside ….I also have the same bulbs around all my fish tanks …and I keep some plants around them.

    great video chef, I would like to see more of this type of theme -_- good to learn where food comes from !

  15. ChefTips says:

    Absolutely! Get a few planter boxes and plant any herbs you like! They are very hardy. Enjoy! Jason

  16. linhle949 says:

    I live on the second floor of an apartment building. Is there any way I can grow a small herb garden on my patio?

  17. ChefTips says:

    Thank you and have fun with your garden! You’ll save a ton of money. Those fresh herbs are expensive in the markets! Cheers, Jason

  18. westonbunch01 says:

    I just recently found you by looking for a fish taco recipe and I’m so glad I did! Now I’m a subscriber! I have thought of growing an herb garden for years now but have never gotten around to it. This definitely gives me some inspiration. Thanks!

  19. ChefTips says:

    I see rosemary used in that fashion here in the California deserts.
    I have always planted cilantro from a container. It takes off pretty quick, and I use it pretty quick and then it’s gone. I have read that you can let it go to seed and it will come back. It likes cool temps with sun. Maybe you can try growing it in AZ in the fall?

  20. ChefTips says:

    Cool! I haven’t seen the Williams-Sonoma one. I’m glad you like the videos. Cooking with fresh herbs makes your food taste better and is so easy to do. Let me know how your new indoor garden works out when you get it. Take care! Jason

  21. ChefTips says:

    Great tip about rosemary! Yes, we do have deer around here. Thanks! Jason

  22. nito040 says:

    Cool, i’ma try that indoor garden too, if i can find it.

    You can use rosemary to keep deers away from your garden too… that is if you have deers in your area.

  23. BH206L3 says:

    I am thinking of one of those indoor herb garden, Williams – Sonoma sells. Since the summers a cool where I live and well winter is 8 months long. I like the videos very much, eating out here is expensive and really poorly prepared. I would pain you to see how they serve pasta here.

  24. myheadphones2 says:

    Love the fresh herbs… But only some can survive in the hot AZ desert. However, it is common to see rosemary as huge shrubs all over Phoenix. When planting cilantro, can you let it go to seed to harvest the coriander without sacrificing the plant?

  25. ChefTips says:

    Thanks for the suggestion. Good idea! Jason

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