How To Build A Windowsill Hydroponic Herb Garden (Part 2 of 2)

Link to part 1: In this video I show step by step how to build a small windowsill deep water culture herb garden for 8 plants. I also show what nutrients I use and the amount of nutreint to add. Here is the link to the templates I used in this video for free download:

14 Responses to “How To Build A Windowsill Hydroponic Herb Garden (Part 2 of 2)”

  1. SleestaksRule says:

    @TheLongrin Just keep the PH at 6.0 and I’d change the water once a month while maintaining it full to the line every few days. Right now I have nothing growing in it but about to try something new to grow.

  2. TheLongrin says:

    Amazing Video… please if you have the time to answer this, Do you have to change that water out at all or often? also what would you recommend keeping the ph at for…you know

  3. TheLongrin says:

    this video is 4min20sec long…coincidence or conspiracy, legalize it from Canada

  4. coolman8000 says:

    wow very nice Also you can add some catfish will be great
    good luck

  5. SleestaksRule says:

    @TheDomoaregato The roots need oxygen in the water. The more the better.

  6. TheDomoaregato says:

    Why do you need the airpump? Wont it work with just some water under and no airbubbes?

  7. g120426 says:

    so disappointed part two died at 22 seconds in ….

  8. SleestaksRule says:

    @D3master4 Will do. I still have the same plants and they have grown into a monster. I just never use tap water and make sure the new water is the same temperature. I’ll do that this weekend.

  9. D3master4 says:

    @SleestaksRule I’d actually like to see a video of you changing the water. I’m worried about harming the plants.

  10. fozzythemexican says:

    THanks for stoping buy and cheaking out my garden. I also have a inside garden(scrog). I make all my own hydro systems. Your sill is good. The sun is best for plants. Happy growing 🙂

  11. wwwBeeHappyus says:

    i like it,man….FYI the blocking of light is more for algae prevention than the plant roots..the roots really dont care . i have different systems with them exposed and have mass roots, some vertical systems have plants growing in clear plastic bags with no media at all but the nutrients flow or pass by and are filtered so no algae can develop..but the algae luv light and will get thick in a nutrient solution system where the nutrients remain stable or non moving like a bubbler.nice work.peace

  12. SleestaksRule says:

    @DanaGould0 I top it off for the 1st month then change it completely out every 2 weeks after that.

  13. DanaGould0 says:

    Very nice! Kind of like a poor man’s Aerogarden. I’m going to have to try it.

    How often do you have to change the nutrient solution? Or do you just top it up?

  14. TheUrbanOutdoors says:

    Cool setup with the hydro

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