How to Garden for Earth Day: Window Box, Urban Gardening

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Rebecca makes a window box herb garden for Earth Day & promotes PBS POV’s screening of Food, Inc (

25 Responses to “How to Garden for Earth Day: Window Box, Urban Gardening”

  1. Helioforge says:

    Herbs always had a (mostly) silent H, except when learned solely from reading. It’s like reading sheet music versus hearing a performance, there is such a difference in quality : )

  2. planet9 says:

    Since when did the H become silent?

  3. blukatzen says:

    gardening in the recycled aluminum cans will get more than HOT for the plants and their poor roots over the summertime, (think leaning against a hot car in June, July or August) and you catch my drift. That’s why we don’t usually garden w/metal cans, for one. Go to the thrift store and sometimes you can get recycled terracotta pots, or plastic pots. Or ask someone who gardens, maybe they have a few spare ones to give to a “budding” gardener!;-)

    Good luck with Next Season’s garden!

  4. Greengate777 says:

    You better keep a close eye on Humphrey… he was looking kinda funky at the new planters, and I’m sure he was thinking “Hmmmm… now let’s see what kind of use I can find for these things, after I scent mark them as mine…”.

  5. ShannyCleaner says:

    Yeah that was great! Planting nice trees is also good?! : P

  6. lishun says:

    why do we need to prevent the herbs from flowering? does anyone know if it’s possible to keep up a herb garden in a tropical climate? great episode, btw. i’d love to get started on my own herb garden when i find out how feasible it is in a tropical country like mine. =)

  7. eatingbeautiful says:

    Great video – I’ve grown potted tomato plants in my backyard for about 3 summers now – this year I’ve added sweet peppers, jalapenos, and cilantro. Even though gardening can get pretty complicated, it is easy to get started and you learn as you go. Last summer I learned that birds like tomatoes as much as I do. This year I have two adopted cats that are ready to upstage the totally ineffective scarecrow I used last summer.

  8. gayerthankali says:

    I have two huge spanish spearmint plants. One is in the front and one on the side of my house.
    They grow more and more each year and it’s always great to have fresh mint around. 🙂

  9. bluejbaby3173 says:

    using wooden popsicle sticks (plant tags) can also make your plants mold and not last as long or kill them

  10. sodacop says:

    This was a great video and a cool idea for earth day! I never had any luck using old aluminum cans for planting. They’ve always gotten discolored or corroded. I like the idea of using old wooded food crates. Maybe I’ll raid the grocery store’s trash.

  11. sugarashley says:

    ah! you finally did a herb garden episode!! i’ve been in love with the idea of an herb garden for awhile now and have been researching how to build my own… your video was just the kick of info i need to get started.. only wished you covered a bit about growing these herbs in a tropical climate… but love love love this video!

  12. princess7strawberry says:

    This video is perfect! I’ve been prepping an herb garden & had no idea what other tips to maintain other than the basics. This video was helpful & relevant!

  13. praxis321 says:

    Great Ideas, I have just one question: When winter comes, then what to do? It would be great to get the plants inside so they don’t die, but you have to give them plenty of sun and the temperature outside would be below zero… Mmmm… I know, maybe you could do a little greenhouse to protect the herbs and have them during those cold winter days.

  14. AntoineLubnan says:

    0:55 – Now i know why my Basil died!

    can’t wait to plant another herb garden. i had a nice run of mint, cilantro, and Basil – SO CONVENIENT

    keep it up guys, i stumbled upon your videos a few days ago, watched all of them and now i’m hooked!

  15. thiskidglows says:

    @StabxWithxPaste I dunno, i’ve definetly seen rusty cans in my day but i have no idea what they are made of lol. And the other thing is i know that you should not put cans or metal in the fridge with your food beuase it leaves something. It can make your food taste “tinny” so i don’t think i’d use cans for that either.

  16. Taliegirl says:

    I have a roof top garden. I just started it last year and it is doing great! One of the things I grew was tomatoes, and they grew like wildfire. The combination of the heat the roof naturally absorbs from the sun and the drip lines that I put up, provided lots of nice fresh water which made it easy. I ended up with so many tomatoes that I had to give a bunch away to all my neighbors. And one of them who is a teacher is going to teach about rooftop gardens and put one on her roof as well.

  17. turnthepage says:

    I would love to start my own garden and i have a good place for it..however we have worms in that ONE PLACE it would be perfect in lol ill just get some planter boxes and start from there…

  18. StabxWithxPaste says:

    @thiskidglows aluminum cans do not rust, ever. are you thinking of steel? iron is in steel and iron will oxidize

  19. WhitneyFletcher says:

    Cool! I’m hoping to start a small garden next summer (I would this summer but I’m about to get married and don’t have the time right now). Great episode!

  20. thostrup16 says:

    @whippet viola? 🙂

  21. whippet says:

    very cool. i have a window garden myself. i find reusing my milk and juice cartons to plant seedlings works really good. i just cut off one of the sides and viola a nice and recycled planter box thing heheh 🙂

  22. atticus9799 says:

    Good job, planting your own herbs! BUT that rosemary will need to be put in one of those larger pots by the end of the summer. Keep it up, gardening is a trial and error proposition. Every year I learn something new. But one thing, why on earth would you throw away the dried up herbs you buy from the store? Hang them from a kitchen twine and use them dried! You pay good money (and lots of it) for dried herbs too. Thanks for sharing. Love your show. Noreen

  23. Jadedbunny8 says:

    Right now I only have flowers. Some lilies, peonies, and bleeding hearts. I plan on getting something to plant veggies in I’ve just been kinda putting it off but this is a good reminder to get back on it.

  24. jaime21985 says:

    Dog in the Pot FTW!!

  25. thiskidglows says:

    I don’t think cans are a good idea, they would rust wouldn’t they?

    but really good vid thanks!!

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