How to Grow an Herb Garden Indoors or Outdoors : Planting Indoors: Growing an Herb Garden

Planting indoors: Growing your own indoor – outdoor herb garden: Learn how to make a basicherb garden in this free gardening video series, with tips for herb selection, soil preparation methods, planting techniques, and herb plant maintenance. Expert: Jose Zuniga Bio: Jose’s experience with gardening comes from growing up around his grandfather, who was an avid gardener and farmer. Filmmaker: Grady Johnson

10 Responses to “How to Grow an Herb Garden Indoors or Outdoors : Planting Indoors: Growing an Herb Garden”

  1. pepperjoe12 says:

    Good job…love those Herbs. Check out my Videos on HOt Peppers…

  2. yusuf1608 says:

    BSE baby, BSE!

  3. XxluNaxX17 says:

    very interesting video. 🙂 planting is so fun

  4. ketammerahmerah says:

    great video and info!

  5. emforty2 says:

    quite an interesting fact

    Nature is Organic
    Cows are vegetarians and they got ‘beef’ yeah! get it ?

  6. JollyMunkie says:

    You don’t know the difference between basil and thyme.

  7. mywootgarden says:

    add “&fmt=18” to the end of the url without the quotes and press enter. it makkes the vid in high quality and will assume your on a broadband connection thus sending you the data faster 🙂 hope this helps

  8. freezerman17 says:

    omg, u’re right! hahaha omg this is hilarious!

  9. desertroseMhine says:

    video is so time consuming because of loading system.

  10. edge30 says:

    you confused the names… you say basil when planting thyme and viceversa

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