How To Grow The Perfect Herb Garden

Dave Shows you how to plant the perfect herb garden. Go to for over 200 more videos on gardening.

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  1. shakaama says:

    @RoseBlood77 i have started growing my own vegetables and herbs. When i started using them i was like OMG wtf is in the supermarket. The tomatoes taste like tomatoes, the bell peppers taste like bell peppers, the snosberry tastes like snosberry. [a little charlie and chocolate factory humor]

    I am convinced that using your own fresh produce grown by your own hand is the way to go. It’s night and day from store bought produce.

  2. DoraDead101 says:

    can anyone give me tips on growing Aloe Vera

  3. VettyP says:

    A commercial? I won’t get those two minutes back…and neither will you if your reading this.

  4. digiguy says:

    Erbs? Why can’t American’s say the H?

  5. ianniedabomb says:


  6. keithallenlaw says:

    @bcsROBBERY Miracle grow? How dare you!

  7. hardcoremutineer says:

    all conspiracy theories, NWO theories and corruption scandal teories are ploys by the government to keep you fearful of them. shady government reps. make up false stories of freemason control and illuminati poisoning and stupid, zealous citizens embezzle it as an ideology and use it for fear mongering psychological control!!

  8. bcsROBBERY says:

    go to wally world and get a pack of basil seeds for 20 cents and some miracle grow potting soil. put the soil in a container, the seeds on the top of the soil and keep it wet. u’ll have basil in a month.

  9. kita10pony says:

    Plant it in a spot where weeds grow

  10. Lunarlaserranging says:

    i guess you can market anything

  11. SudburyBiodiversity says:

    Any information on the variety of the plants?

  12. mchugha says:

    I can’t wait for spring!!!!

  13. midsouthgardener says:

    That’s awesome to know! I think it will be helpful for our community garden folks.
    Thanks for sharing.

  14. RoseBlood77 says:

    I’ve recently begun growing/using fresh herbs and I have to say…there is a 100% boost to flavor using fresh over dried. My husband even commented on the difference the first time I used them. He said “I never thought you could improve your spaghetti sauce but I was wrong”.

    I don’t even have a garden, just pots on my windowsill and I’m in love with them. I will never go back to using dry herbs EVER. The difference is like night and day. And the scent when chopping them is heavenly!

  15. rustaayy says:

    Do you guys have any tips on making an herb garden appear camouflaged? You know,so I can hide some herbs?

  16. tastygarlic says:

    You can use either type.

  17. LaminatedGardenGuide says:

    I’ve used a lot of containers for herbs over the years from baskets to porch boxes to large clay pots. I think the key, as with herb beds, is matching the plants that have the same needs and to be realistic about the size of the plants

  18. Indiacalcutta says:

    can one use plastic pots or must it be terra cotta?


  19. freakjoshy says:

    hey can you send me one of those disks of basil thanks awesome video

  20. pondplantgirl says:

    Great video. I’d love to purchase your seeds and do a show about it on my pod cast. GAiL


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