Hydroponic Herb Garden – CRAFT Video

Becky shows us how to set up a hydroponic herb garden on her rooftop in Brooklyn. blog.craftzine.com

25 Responses to “Hydroponic Herb Garden – CRAFT Video”

  1. redicculus says:

    Great intro video. The folks at Gen Hydro are really nice too.

  2. MitchMb14 says:

    @ppardee You can dispose of spent hydroponic solution by using it on plants that are growing in soil, but there is a lot of potential for pollution if people don’t dispose of it correctly. I think the main value of home hydroponics is to satisfy people’s desire to mess around with gadgets.

  3. LilMooCow says:

    Dear GOD woman stop saing “ERB”!!!!!!

  4. klaymen says:

    @Knight8365 came here to post this. if you don’t want to eat the fish, you could probably get some coy and make it into a little pond area. i really want to make an aquaponics farm, but currently i lack the resources.

  5. strathallanguy says:

    @CatalinaCorvette your lucky that i like you

  6. jacobestes says:

    @Grundalizer Hahahahaha. YES.

  7. Grundalizer says:

    @SonOfFurzehatt Cool whip

  8. SonOfFurzehatt says:

    I can forgive a lot of Americanisms, but dropping the ‘H’ from ‘herbs’ is just inexcusable.

  9. TrentR42 says:

    Haha, you’re wearing the bike tire tube on your head!


  10. pilgim says:

    or just buy your weed of your local dealer

  11. LexusBrianna893 says:

    Sometimes i think just not when im grinding some guy and he’s pounding me lol

  12. CharlesHrodric says:

    advice: loose the nose ring and grow hair

  13. MitchMb14 says:

    How much does that hydroponic setup cost? For under $20 you could get a big bag of Fertilome and some fish emulsion and kelp extract, and you could grow herbs equally well without having to worry about getting the pH right or your spent hydroponic solution contributing to excess algae growth downstream. For a little more money you could use coconut coir growing media which would be more environmentally friendly than the peat based Fertilome.

  14. GroovyVideo2 says:

    Kind B

  15. Genkaro says:


  16. fr00bers says:

    great for my Trainwreck

  17. TheBSG says:

    @1acroyear1 I can still be in love with her, can’t I? It’s like star crossed lovers but different and on internet.

  18. ELTURBOMAN says:

    those nutrients grow really good for pot lol i bought one of these things last yr

  19. mdadig says:

    Thanks for the post Becky. At first I was thinking what some of the other posters were-that is was just an “unpack and set-up” video. But I learned a few things that I can take back to my own hydroponic garden, and learning is what it is all about.

  20. Redisthecolor5 says:

    ill show u how to really make some hydroponice “Herbs”

  21. Ronthps2 says:

    Looks like she’s growin that Sour Diesel…

  22. CocaineStyler says:

    its all about growing cannabis.

  23. databyss says:

    Not really seeing anything CRAFTy here…

  24. MasterofOrigami says:


  25. TheBSG says:

    Is that a real person wearing a firefox pendant? I think I’m in love!

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