Indoor Kitchen Herb Container Garden and Seedlings Growing under LED Energy Saving Lights

John from takes a field trip to Las Vegas to visit Jason’s House. Jason is growing in containers in his kitchen using fluorescent lighting and using Energy Saving LED Panel lights upstairs where he is starting seeds and growing seedlings.

12 Responses to “Indoor Kitchen Herb Container Garden and Seedlings Growing under LED Energy Saving Lights”

  1. calbunn says:

    Great video! I was wondering if you’ve ever tried a grow on 100 watt induction lights? The PAR peaks @ 300 & 700 nanometers which covers both the UV and IR. lumen p/watt is 166.5 VEL compared to 3000 kelvin T8 fluorescent lamps. I use 1 of the 100 watt for veg and add a second one for flowering in our 30 x 30 tent. Theres video on you tube.

  2. ASFx2600 says:

    @1111atreides I dont think that would work. Christmas lights are very low powered LEDs. Unfortunately with LEDs, the good ones are still pretty expensive. Hopefully they will come down in price in a few more years though.

  3. 1111atreides says:

    Do you think I could cheap it out and use blue and red LED Christmas lights? What do you think?

  4. Whippetfest says:

    Jason…… very interesting : )

  5. billybobjimjoejacksn says:

    This dude is like Macguyver!

  6. frustratedoperator says:


  7. OS253 says:

    Nice house.

  8. ernest302 says:

    maybe he could do like a hydroponic thing with the water with a feed hose and return hose that feeds the water containers and he wouldn’t have to lift the plants up to fill with water or check it out to see if its empty plus add nutrients to the water from a floor tank.

  9. ASFx2600 says:

    @jakearick Hah, no they are health/fitness/bodybuilding magazines.

  10. jakearick says:

    was that a porno under the sage?!!!!

  11. mysciencenow says:

    that is excellent work

  12. franzb69 says:

    i’m from the philippines. people like you have inspired me to grow vegetables in my yard.

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