Kitchen Herb Gardens Are a Match Made in Heaven

Kitchen Herb Gardens Are a Match Made in Heaven

Article by Kent Higgins

While apartment or condo living may have its advantages, and is all but a necessity in packed major cities and congested areas, one of the major drawbacks for someone used to living in a house or similar structure, aside from the lack of space, is the lack of an outdoor patch of green to call their own. Gardeners especially, who would be more than content with just a tiny patch of soil to churn and care for will feel out of sorts cooped up in an apartment. Short of offering your gardening services to the landlord, what is one to do?

Your burning gardening desire can be sated somewhat by working on an indoor garden. Sure it’s not quite the same as sitting on the soft earth with the hot sun beating down on your brow, but it beats the alternative, that being artificial plants or none at all.

There’s nothing wrong with having one or more plants in every room, so you could certainly have a good deal of work and future gardening upkeep ahead of you if you wish. Plants will add a charming touch to every room, improve the air quality, and can even provide a different fragrance for each room, one suited to that particular room and its atmosphere.

Choosing which rooms to place specific plants in will always depend on the room’s humidity, average temperature and amount of either direct or indirect sunlight. Be sure you in advance the kind of environment each plant on your radar will thrive in and place it in an appropriate environment. Apartments and condos will have rooms with largely similar environments, though full bathrooms will always be far more humid.

Beyond just plants, you can also get creative and add touches like dried plants or flowers to a room. Dried lavender for example provides a pleasant aroma that can last for weeks, and adds a unique look when tied in bunches and displayed.

Another unique touch is by adding a small herb garden to your kitchen. It may not quite make up for the lack of a vegetable garden, but it will add that perfect touch to your dishes and some will provide a nice aroma to your kitchen as well.

You have a lot of options when it comes to indoor gardening. It may slightly lack that connection with nature you get when gardening outdoors, but the process can be just as enjoyable and rewarding indoors.

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