Making an outdoor Herb Garden Pt I

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ps Herb – HERB – pronounced in New Zealand with an ‘Haytch’

8 Responses to “Making an outdoor Herb Garden Pt I”

  1. melanianspots says:

    a collage tag!!

  2. PuppyZwolle says:

    There is this town …. village in the netherlands. It is called Erica. People there will put an ‘Haytch’ in front of every word that starts with a vowel. Like “Hellephants’. The fun part is the leave the ‘Haytch’ out when is DOES start with a ‘H’.

    ” Eavenly Hellephants”

  3. PuppyZwolle says:

    Tagged? I forgot something? Oh dear. The mind is the first to go they say.

    What was the tag?

  4. melanianspots says:

    Hey Puppy, that sounds like a challenge to me, I shall work on what my second installment will look like (sims.. veerrry interesting) meanwhile…..I tagged you, and we have nothing to look at yet!!!

  5. melanianspots says:


  6. PuppyZwolle says:

    It almost looks and feels like “Sims”

    Curious to see how this will turn out.

  7. filly4billy2002 says:

    Woman after my own heart… reusing the bricks and working the earth.
    Can’t wait to see Part 2.
    FIVE STARS *****

  8. lpatencio says:

    wow, I am impressed with the amount of work you are doing. I am completely hopeless outside, except to clean the dog’s poop.

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