Maranatha – Herb Garden Class

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Some of the guys in Carey Dorm at Maranatha Baptist Bible College wanted to give visitors to the dorm a good experience and have fun while doing so. The guys convinced the visitors that they have an herb garden class in the dorm with one of the students as the prof. The guys also told the visitors that the video was streamed to the girls dorms and was a distant education class. The visitors loved it.

4 Responses to “Maranatha – Herb Garden Class”

  1. fabayopa says:

    That was hilarious…thanks for bringing back some great college memories (Graduated ’98)

  2. brnwayne103 says:

    Stuff like this makes me almost wish that I lived in Carey dorm. Professor Bob and John Voorhis are my heroes.

  3. adamlhedmat says:

    Wow That was great. I Wish you guys had done that when we were there.
    That would of made our trip awesome. Have a great senior yr.


  4. KatelynRoberts93 says:


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