Patio Herb Garden – Italian Herbs to Plant

Patio Herb Garden – Italian Herbs to Plant

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Home Page > Home Improvement > Gardening > Patio Herb Garden – Italian Herbs to Plant

Patio Herb Garden – Italian Herbs to Plant

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Posted: Nov 26, 2010 |Comments: 0


When we say “Italian,” one of the things that come into our intellect is their tasteful dishes. And of way, the culinary-minded people would say that Italy is the home of the world’s finest herbs and spices. So, the growth of your own Italian patio Herb Garden would unlock the doors to unmeasured possibilities for you and your culinary endeavors.


A few of Italy’s finest and most well-known spices and herbs are basil, rosemary, oregano, parsley, garlic, fennel, and sage. Let’s go through them one by one, shall we?


First in the line is the basil. It is a very well-known and well-loved Italian herb and use in most of the famous Italian recipes. But this well-used flavoring does not only add flavor to our cooking, but also to your Italian herb Garden. By planting the herb subsequently to peppers and tomatoes, you actually turn their taste to a whole lot dimension. And it also helps push flies and mosquitoes. Now, isn’t the herb just great?


Then next in the list is the rosemary which is extremely advantageous to the Italian herb Garden. It lends a help to the garden by attracting bees with its pretty cute flowers. But although this important shrub is seen to be strong, it is also extremely vulnerable to freezing.


Third is the oregano. Actually, this herb is also adds decor to your Italian herb Garden as much as it is tasteful since it sprouts lovely short purple flowers when it matures fully. Now, take note that you should not be harvesting the herb until the individual flowers bloomed because it is at this moment when the herb is most tangy.



Fourth in the row is the parsley. This herb is actually a bit tricky to grow but rest assured that its usefulness would amount equal to its difficult growth care. The Herb is not only use for culinary purposes only, but it is also use for freshening up bad breaths. Eating a small serving of parsley after meal comes from a tradition that started generations ago, which is committed to garnishing meals with herb to act as a rest mint after meals.


Every great Italian patio garden has this herb, the garlic. This is a really well-known bulb, not only in European cuisines, but also in Asian cuisines, and other existing types of cuisines. Garlic is perfect if you have not enough time to look after your garden because it can actually thrive on its own; all you have to do is to plant it. They can be stored to be use afterwards after they are harvested by chilling them or pickling them to put in the icebox.


Up close is the fennel. It may not be as well-known as the other herb, but is seriously famous for its seeds, which improves the flavors of the Italian sausage. One quick information that you should know about this herb is that it loses taste as it matures. And since it is a perennial plant, it should be divided and replanted every few years to optimize its taste.



Last in the list is the sage. It is use   in a countywide in a variety of Italian dishes, from meals to salads. The new shoots of this herb contains the most tasteful flavor, so it is recommended that you don’t allow this type of herb to get too timbered by cutting them. New and tasteful shoots should be encourage to develop, and can be harvested after it blooms.


But though there are more Italian herbs that you could plant in your Italian herb Garden, you should analyze and choose carefully what herbs you are going to plant. Also, think about the needs of each herb. By planting these herbs, you would not only have an Italian herbs and spices ready for your culinary needs, but also have a wonderful landscape. Planting these herbs would add fragrance and brook you to Italy, almost as if you are walking almost on Italian hillside. Visit us at for more great ideas and information on your patio herb garden!  See You There!



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