Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale

Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale

Walkthrough for the Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale mod for Oblivion. The buyable player home is converted into a four-bedroomed mansion with basement kitchen, herb garden, swimming pool, dining room, balcony, bathroom, hobby room, and master bedroom with its own private water-view balcony and en-suite shower. The house comes with established gardens, scripted day/night lighting and many interactive features. Coming soon to and
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Segments of Tim and Jan on Fox Charlotte called “At Home in the Carolinas with Tim and Jan”

25 Responses to “Princess Cheydinhal House for Sale”

  1. TheBByamashiro says:

    @princessstomper´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  2. PhantomTrigger says:

    lots of Morrowind references I´╗┐ see ­čÖé

  3. jcamp260 says:

    i hope your´╗┐ house burns to the ground with you and your fake horse hair in it.. hahahahahaaa….. btw. if you’re a princess. where are all the servants??? and why are you wearing a sack cloth and pants??? rofl

  4. jcamp260 says:

    @JDFS22 I know´╗┐ right wtf is up with the laptop…

  5. JDFS22 says:

    is there really a laptop in a house of Cyrodiil? damn are you retarded girl? First the name sucks and´╗┐ then I read there’s electricity in a medieval house? this mod goes right on my “forgettable mods list”

  6. TheChillerx says:

    But my question id.. how do you take a shit´╗┐ in oblivion??

  7. MakeupAficionado says:


  8. veryblueapple says:

    princess, how did you learn to write mods. I’m a female´╗┐ too and I’ve wanted to make a custom house for myself as well.

  9. AGDreamGirl says:

    FInally i have been waiting´╗┐ to use the toliet for 5 years

  10. AGDreamGirl says:

    FInally i have been waiting to use the toliet´╗┐ for 5 years

  11. Pher0cious says:

    you better be a girl playing this game… if you’re not then you’re´╗┐ ultra gay

  12. iloveAndrea119 says:

    how do´╗┐ u make mods??

  13. 21daniele12 says:

    @mrcrunchy510 lol sorry about a 11 month late´╗┐ comment XD

  14. 21daniele12 says:

    @mrcrunchy510 i agree. you are one of the few that like oblivion how it really is and not with stupid mods´╗┐

  15. sindaras says:

    ive only just knowticed that there are no baths or toilets in´╗┐ oblivion

  16. nickbulmer2344 says:

    fu.ckin´╗┐ lier

  17. lamppost904 says:

    what if u could play oblivion´╗┐ on the laptop lmao

  18. mrcrunchy510 says:

    @princessstomper ok im just saying oblivion is on nerth and the fact u put an american´╗┐ laptop on their was stupid and make thing s less modern

  19. Sayain50 says:

    what house should i go to


  20. redbugiii says:

    Cool Mod,´╗┐

  21. cas123321 says:

    can thieves´╗┐ get in your house

  22. janspach56 says:


  23. janspach56 says:

    you´╗┐ cant have rules

  24. katethegreat19 says:

    utterly gorgeous and really fun-looking! ´╗┐ i will definitely be downloading this amazing mod!!!

  25. jaza4455 says:

    where´╗┐ is it?

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