Quick & Easy Herb Garden

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Aloha!! We have been really enjoying our fresh herb garden lately. Our friend Mike brought us over clippings of his herbs, and thats how we started ours! It is so easy we had to share it with you. Next time you buy herbs at the grocery store or farmers market, pinch out a few stems and plant yourself a quick and easy herb garden. You will be glad thats the last time you will need to buy that herb. Seriously. Check out our video on clipping some herbs and goji berry starts…. EnJOY! Love ya!

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  1. steelbladeS17 says:

    Thats awesome!!! I have a huge basil plant I forget what the name is of it, its huge and I have it in a window and it bent over the table and its growing kinda sideways. I love your vids keep making them!! 😀

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