Ramona’s Herb Garden

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RamonasBasilGarden.com Ramona Werst collects all kinds of different herbs. Basil, Lemon Basil, Cuban Oregano, all different kinds of Oregano, Tarragon, and Mints from Apple Mint to Chocolate Mint, Thyme, and don’t forget Sage. Whenever we take a road trip, if she sees a nursery, we stop and she picks out a different basil to take home and add to her collection.

5 Responses to “Ramona’s Herb Garden”

  1. mreisma says:

    ill make a suggestion of azomite rock dust or alaskan glacial rock dust.. if you do your research on this you see that you wont need fertilizers anymore. have fun.

  2. starz0911 says:

    Oh, my! I just read about it on Dave’s Garden! I will be switching to an organic fertilizer or make my own….thank you for pointing this out to me!

  3. mreisma says:

    is that organic miracle grow? because if it isn’t then it’s byproduct of crude oil.

  4. starz0911 says:

    I have heard that before…thank you…I almost forgot that I want to plant Chamomile this winter. I love the apple flavor in my tea also…. 🙂

  5. meow98 says:

    I love your garden. Did you know its good to water with strong chamomile tea?

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