SG #115 Salsa Garden

SG #115 Salsa Garden

Finally able to transplant part of the Salsa garden. Roma tomatoes will probably go into 3 gal containers with 6-8th stakes

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  1. MrPaka420 says:

    @wmkk808 Hell yea brought it up to Bobby, and Bobby is all over it, this should be a fun summer, and better fall, then I have had in a while. So many nice subs, and many just keep coming, so cool to share and learn from all who post and share, their methods and technics, I watch and execute, I fail I pick it up and move on,

  2. MrPaka420 says:

    @wmkk808 Me too, I have a large yard but small foot prints around the garden, have to plan wisely.

  3. MrPaka420 says:

    @ArizonaAdventures Thank you, had to hold off for a little while but got it in today. Now I need to work on seeding for fall. Thx 4 the stp by.

  4. ArizonaAdventures says:

    very nice!

  5. wmkk808 says:

    @MIgardener did someone mention a cook off…. hee haw!!! anything that involves food makes wally a happy camper…hahahahahahahaha!!! aaaaaaaaaaalright!!!!! nah y’all take care,, easy….

  6. wmkk808 says:

    glad you could get it all started into your salsa looks great.

  7. MrPaka420 says:

    @MIgardener Cool, oh I’m subscribe, and love your vids Bobby, Had to make a food vids for Betty’s Kitchen, she’s always so sweet,and the dishes she makes all so mouth watering, so I just posted a popular dish from Hawaii, “Saimin” Noodle dish”

  8. MIgardener says:

    @MrPaka420 i actually will be doing somthing just like that! just wait and see, if your not subscribed, you might want to be. it will definatly have a prize involved 😉

  9. MrPaka420 says:

    @MIgardener Yes, I had to wait myself, but now is the time for my garden. R we going to have BBQ cook off?
    my be fun, with Salsa recipes all around the country.
    Just a thought.

  10. MIgardener says:

    looking very nice! we got all our plants ready and all we have to do is wait… pretty soon we will be having loads of salsa!

  11. MrPaka420 says:

    @reelthing4u Thx, finally could bring out. overcast today.

  12. MrPaka420 says:

    @Agrarius2 oh yea, I was waiting for this triple digit weather to cool down a bit before I transplanted. So today was the day overcast, perfect.

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