Shaker Medicinal Herb Garden in HD

Patti Moreno the Garden Girl’s Shaker Medicinal Herb video, where she makes tea with herbs like Hyssop and Bee Balm in HD. If you have questions check out and please Rate, comment and share my videos

11 Responses to “Shaker Medicinal Herb Garden in HD”

  1. WhiteTiger333 says:

    Oh, yeah – love the tea pots! 🙂 Ah – the disclaimer at the end. Excellent point, since herbs don’t kid around in their effect on the body, especially fresh, or well-prepared dried herbs, as you have. I’ll personally take herbs over pharms any day, but both should be respected for their effect.

  2. maldonvic says:

    Hey Patti I’m a tea addict lol. i also collect tea pots as a hobby and i see you have great tea pots yourself. Great video Thanks for the great ideas. Love you I share your videos with everyone. even if they are not into the subject they usually convert.

  3. gaiagale says:

    The sound portion was perfect for me moreover i really appreciated this video …it felt like a sharing/offering as opposed to an ad …thank you
    I’m curious about the feverfew specifically the colour because mine is quite light green almost like a flourescent green
    thank you again for sharing

  4. TigersPrettyBunny says:

    Craaaaap….. I wanted to hear this 🙁 I hope my computer isn’t the cause O.O

  5. lorri37 says:

    @ccm800 yes, it’s explained in this video: watch?v=sDsryj0ZKDY It’s for Firefox/Chrome users. Also try the Help. I found an answer there a few days ago but that fix only removed the bar not the autoplay. It’s for Firefox users.

  6. ccm800 says:

    @TigersPrettyBunny heard her fine here…your end maybe?

  7. ccm800 says:

    Does anyone know how to turn off the Your subscriptions bar at the bottom of the youtube interface- HATE IT!

  8. ellorybockting says:

    Absolutely loved this one! More on medicinal herbs and growing tea please.

  9. TigersPrettyBunny says:

    I can’t hear you!! Even with my volume all the way up!!!

  10. joncl1 says:

    you should implant text for the names of your plants so us subscribers can search them and get our own. Thank you… and the garden looks great.

  11. GettingThereGreen says:

    Thanks. Great video. Bee Balm… really great herb.

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