Shpongle – The Herb Garden

a Shpongle song with milkdrop…i know its Mystery of the Yeti but i dont care more people will find it under shpongle so just enjoy it!! (abridged for time)

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  1. TheDAVIDASHAW says:

    Shows like a jungle in a form of various patterns.

  2. 1000000volts says:


  3. Toreal707 says:


    Winamp milkdrop visualization

  4. passion8unity says:

    anyone know what software makes the awesome video affects

  5. DaMask3dWarrior says:

    im a walking through the jungle bro 😉

  6. patchstitch says:

    @Jennifer9715 them*

  7. Carmellito1 says:

    Yeah, sphongle with shrooms guids to great worlds. Ive seen some of them and its simply unbelievable!

  8. killafoo6 says:

    This song is actually made from a lecture on tibetan shamanism called the fountain of psychoactivity by christian råtsch.

  9. RealPantin says:

    @kpacalypse24 No I noticed it also

  10. j0eMD says:


    This song is from this album:
    The Infinity Project – The Mystery of The Yeti – part 2

  11. Vestu says:

    hmmm from which album is this song from? 😮

  12. HyaenidE says:

    @kpacalypse24 thats the most contradictory thing i’ve ever heard.

  13. SicC678 says:

    @xxIreneCaffeine shpongle

  14. kpacalypse24 says:

    did any1 else notice there was no sound or am i just tripping that hard. and fuck the world by the way go military im all 4 nuclear bombs if it means protecting my shrooms and acid

  15. Jennifer9715 says:

    @jw22345 very well put. I agree!

  16. Jennifer9715 says:

    Shpongle is so deadly. I want to marry him!

  17. 1980EagleScout says:

    so crazy, i can’t wait to trip shrooms and get high will watching this

  18. PsychedelicShamanism says:

    Shpongle… the name alone… wow… nothing gets me so messed up in the head (in a good way) as these guys. Forests, mountains, acid, shrooms, baby woodrose, Shpongle… combine it all… and you got it!

  19. bullcrap0 says:

    This song appears on the album “The Mystery Of The Yeti Part 2”.
    Track title: “The Herb Garden”
    Track artist: “Hallucinogen”
    discogs [dot] com/Various-The-Mystery-Of-The-Yeti-Part-2/release/82535

  20. antzmestre says:

    “I’m uh… pupupupu ap tepepep un nenenenn umndibdibdib dsedsedse de ann ktsingngngng to have dreadlocks all over.”
    ” I’m a poor peasant and have to work on the rice fields and is hard to have dreadlocks all over,”

    or something like .. 🙂

  21. Pistolmormor says:

    @bejti Amen ! 🙂

  22. xxIreneCaffeine says:

    I’m sorry, but reading these comments/the description made me REALLY confused. Who is this song really by?

  23. nikama75 says:

    at the cd “mystery of the yeti 2” this song is about 15 min lenght?

  24. DanWas87 says:

    New youtube blows

  25. GombratoProductions says:

    @bejti mmmm ill bring mah herbs and vegetables to grow there, ill share. hell. ill catch some fish and learn to make sushi.

  26. MyGreenThumb says:

    Posted –> Shpongle The Herb Garden

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  27. Anja says:

    What are they growing in their herb garden? I bet you it’s not legal….

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