slack baba: eternal herb garden

ritual and medical use of marijuana in south africa… shot by liquid james… sound by chameleon… the tune is “eternal dub” by slack baba

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  1. bananiolo2 says:

    How many plants are behind this guy?? 😛 Looks like one but I can’t believe it!

  2. powerballerz says:

    batu la yo…yg ko tau isap ganja je

  3. powerballerz says:

    batu la yo..korang ni isap ganjaaaa je tau..


    you need a hair cut yo

  5. yerk3 says:

    @falsepride “True to me?” What is “true to me” on an individual level is irrelevant. Truth is not subjective, we all live in the same reality. You can argue with something that is intangible when it starts making tangible claims, such as Islam’s claims about the creation of the world, which is tangible, historical events, which are also tangible, and the myriad of tangible actions that are discouraged and encouraged by this “intangible” religion.

  6. falsepride says:

    @yerk3 What is true to you? How can you prove that it is true? Religion is a belief system. You can’t always prove religion, and you can’t argue with something that is intangible too.

  7. yerk3 says:

    @falsepride I will criticize religion as much as I see fit. It is religion that is silly and wrong. Not questioning a ridiculous viewpoint just because it’s part of someone’s religion is silly and wrong. Truth is not a matter of opinion.

  8. leapinlueschen says:

    nibble everything!

  9. falsepride says:

    @yerk3 Don’t trash other religions! It is silly and wrong! All people are diffrent and we can learn from all of them. Cultures are cultures, some diffrent and some the same.

  10. neuroleptika says:

    I just found out! The guy with the dreads is Frank Cook, there is another video with him in the Appalachian plant retreat. Maybe there is even more vids with him, I don´t know.

  11. MrJohnnyrigger says:

    I cant wait till I can have a bowl that big!! thanx to all who made this video,Namaste

  12. MrJohnnyrigger says:

    listen to the wisdom,brought forth by the herb,allowing peoples to know of the sacredness of all being,marijuana is indeed a sacrament,many blessing to all who shot this video.I cant wait till I can have a bowl that big filled with good herb!!!

  13. Tobaman111 says:

    Hahah that 10% story is bullshit.

  14. 2012NewEarth says:

    ahaha wow those rastas chief that HARDD that is awesome

  15. PatOBrien says:

    There aint none of you faggots on youtube that can smoke like those Rastas…(including myself)… Im a veteran smoker and that was impressive. I need a Chalice now..420 That was awesome

  16. crystaleubanks72762 says:

    good fucking vidio props !!!!!!!!!

  17. christoophar says:

    even a fucked clock tells the right time all the time when its set to the right time, 4:20 mutha blesseders!!
    nuff judgements in this world already. if you have a useful opinion then share it. for instance: ‘good thoughts bring forth good fruit; bullshit thoughts rot your meat ‘ and ‘be careful of the thought seed you plant in the garden of your [and all other people’s] mind[s], for thought seeds grow after their kind’ -george clinton
    suggestion is a powerful force get wise get responsible peeps

  18. yerk3 says:

    BASHKIRTATAR: Islam is nothing more than a collection of lies from a man who was no different from L. Ron Hubbard or David Koresh.

  19. yerk3 says:

    He totally does. Not everything in nature is good to “nibble” on, nature is everything, but it is not always our friend.

  20. killuminati7777777 says:

    why so many negative comments, this is the TRUTH! grow more pot, open the mind

  21. ShamonJuice says:

    Notice how you never see his toes? They’re rooted in the ground is why.
    Teeth of tar,
    beard of wire,
    eyes on stars,
    lungs on fire

  22. jayseo says:

    no such thing as smoking tooo much.

  23. BASHKIRTATAR says:

    he smoked too much. people, you do realize that the only truth is ISLAM

  24. jayseo says:

    the guy in the begining of the vid sounds like a total idiot

  25. kko182 says:

    after watching this i no longer desire to smoke pot

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