The Big Bang Theory Episode 4.20 The Herb Garden Germination

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7 Responses to “The Big Bang Theory Episode 4.20 The Herb Garden Germination”

  1. MonierFam5 says:

    I have an autographed script from this episode up for auction on my family’s adoption blog!!! My husband is friends with one of the writer:) To bid go here: and read the entry Big Bang Auction!!

  2. programmer4life1 says:

    sheldon a chick magnet?

  3. redbazinga says:

    Penny: Try thinking about this, Sheldon and Amy had sex!
    Raj: Shut-Your-Ass

  4. joc4000 says:

    hahaha just watched it lmao hilarious
    love it

  5. 1xNEKO says:

    WHAT THE FRAK!? Sheldon’s gonna be a daddy!? O.O

  6. ShakallRus says:

    puppy caaak ;D

  7. def19997 says:

    best intellect comedy )

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